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Awesome lets play on a very scary game


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I checked the rules and the Lets plays posted here said nothing on wether it should be minecraft only or not.

Anyways I found this guy playing a game called SCP. It stands for Secure contain protect. I am currently the only one watching the series (Mostly) and I thought hey why not tell some one about him, I mean his lets play of this game is beyond half way decent and is entertaining.

  • Unlike other lets play's of this game, there is no useless facecams that often get annoying when searching for lp's in this game
  • Good microphone
  • Can keep talking through out the entire video
  • Does editing that really doesn't need to be done when you have 1 viewer. (High lights of other episodes in the beginning of newer ones and a some what occasional short text making fun of his fails.
  • Seems to enjoy it

This is the first episode. Warning this game may be scary.

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