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My Tekkit lite is bugging out


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Just updated my Tekkit Lite, from the older one to the new (1.4.7 or something like that...) and then stuff happened...

first the Launcher froze, and on the second try, it got through, 'xept only half of each freaking letter was showing... and when I clicked on multiplayer, the background of the server screens, the dirt wall, got black stripes in it.

After getting in to the server itself, the rendering was only bloches here and there, and not the usual, straightlined glichyness that is normal, this thing had CURVES!!!

Soooo... Does anyone know how to fix this?

Link to screenshots of mentioned Bugging:


and another one:


and for the info:

windows 7 64bit OS

and just made sure by re-installing java 64bit

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