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[2.0.4]RealVoltzGaming[PvP][30 slots][no whitelist][No removed mods] welcome, redmatter!


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Welcome to your unique Voltz-experience!

We, the team from RVG finally made our own Voltz-server!

So, you're probably asking yourself 'why should I join this server? what's special about it?'

The answer is very easy:

The aim of our server is to ban as less items as possible, which means that you can use nearly anything that isn't used for duping items unlegitly or crashes the server.there is no world border besides the badlands.

We currently have only 2 banned items: Radars. the reason: They make the server lag due an issiue with them and the Active camouflage, because it's a bit to overpowered.

We only limit access to 3 items and Mekanism machines: Redmatter, Para-chests, mekanism machines and Obsidian-TNT. Redmatter, everyone knows it, makes the server lag massively, so admins will create an explosion for you and remove the black hole after 10 minutes. Obsidian-TNT can be duped and has a pickup-ban. You can also dupe with a para-chest and mekanism machines, that's why you have to blow the para-chest up to get the stuff in it, mekanism machines have a pickup ban.

We changed a few ingame-mechanics: Oxygen-collectors don't consume leaves (they won't disappear if oxygen is collected from them). also antimatter doesn't break bedrock, you land on the moon with a parachute and spacestations are public.

There is 1 local ban of an item: Powertools are banned at spawn and will be confiscated if you bring them there. the other choice would be banning Lux capacitors, so we did choose that way.

another thing that probably no other server has: the community decides whenever it's possible.

Now how our imagination about the players are:

The normal player on RVG should be an experienced voltz-player with a good english knoweldege. he should be pollite and helpful if voltz-newbies have a question.

he is allowed to scam, but only up to a maximum $2000 ingame-money.

Also he should't ask for staff-rank, since he knows that BlackJack55 is choosing players that seem mature enough for becoming staff.

if he's lagging bad, he is allowed to complain, but the cmplaining shouldn't end up in spam.

he also won't advertise for his own server, because that gets him banned.

If he has the money, he will also be able to donate for some VIP-ranks or items in around 6 months.

he is also able to play 24/7 unless he suggested a new plugin and it's about to be installed.

he also knows that we are using factions, groupmanager, essentials and a couple of other plugins, that allow you to create e.g. chestshops

(to all of those who didn't understand it: the rules are included in the text above)

If you're convinced now, why don't you check out the server now? the ip is

Leave a feedback aswell if you want to!

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Player tips&tricks:

-never leave any item in mekanism machines. they have a pickup ban.

-blow up Parachests. you can't open them.

-if you don't find a faction, create one (down in commands more info).

-do not ask for items or staff unless we're recruiting. if you ask anyways, it decreases your chance of becoming staff.


-/Warps shows you the warps

-/spawn tp to spawn

-/sethome sets your home

-/home tps you to home

-/f create creates your faction

-/f desc sets a faction description

-/f inv invites a player to your faction

-/f promote allows a player of your faction to build, if runned twice the player can invite other people

-/f kick kicks a player from your faction. useful if they grief

-/f claim claims land for your faction

-/f map shows you a map and where chuncks claimed by other factions are

-/f join join a faction with that command

-/f leave leave a factio with that command

-/f sc see the chunck you're in

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