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  1. It also depends on the cpu of your server. 1TB of ram wouldn't do anything if you have a intel pentium 2 as a processor.
  2. use /modflag setregion NAME RADIUS and /modflag set NAME ban_icbm true instead of banning everything
  3. Could it be that using universal cables (mekanism) would help out? copper starts burning if you put too much energy on it. E-Cubes are also always a better choice.
  4. It seems like donations will come up in the next time, but it's still not sure that we'll do it via buycraft or manually
  5. We sticked together with Duncs11's flan's mod server (there are ads now for each other server on both servers) anyone that is interested in joining, the ip is:
  6. use /modflag setregion NAME RADIUS and /modflag set NAME ban_icbm true (it's not listed for some reason)
  7. Dear community! everyone of you knows it, you're making a voltz server and don't know what to ban as items. this should be a little guide what you as a server owner should ban to keep the server running good and stable. Para-chests (DUPEGLITCH): defineatly a must: dupe items (stackable only) fast left AND right click in a para-chests. if you did that several times, shift-click them and they should be duped (comparable to flan's mod dupeglitch for minecraft 1.4.7) Radars (lag+console-spam): they just make your server lag insanely if a rocket flys through the chunck where they stand.
  8. Staff recruitment: we are looking for experienced java developers and website designers. /mail me ingame and keep back your application and skype-name
  9. Player information: - do NOT place chests next to parachests (otherwise your client crashes) - you MAY raid bases. don't ask staff if you're allowed to (we also only have lifes) - donations will be aviable soon and will to 100% used for keeping the server running
  10. We had some serious issiues with our server, for that reason every full hour a restart
  11. it's empty space, on that way it could work for you
  12. The issiue became very big, the server crashed some hours ago with a massive error log. there will be a reinstall of mekanism, but don't be scared now, you'll keep your items
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