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Byte's GlovePIE emporium


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Hello, fellow Technic forum user. Welcome to;

:frogsiren:-TheBytemaster's GlovePIE Script Emporium-:frogsiren:

Now, what is this thread for, you ask?

This thread is a place for everything related to GlovePIE scripts.

What are GlovePIE scripts, and what is this “GlovePIE”, you ask?

GlovePIE is an amazing little free piece of software that allows you to do many things.

Many many many many amazing and wonderful things.

Very easily.

GlovePIE is mostly intended for use as a way to translate input from one device to another.

For example, using a joystick to control your mouse, or using a Wiimote to play touhou on your computer via Bluetooth, or using your keyboard as a midi controller, or using voice commands to launch your favorite programs, or using Kinect to turn off your computer when you jump more than a meter in the air, or even playing games with a neural headset...

GlovePIE has a pretty much infinite amount of different uses. I have found it useful in a plethora of ways, such as automation of repetitive tasks, macros that are far more complex and powerful than I can create otherwise, setting my own key bindings for games that are not configurable, and trolling the ever-loving heck out of my friends by making their computers behave oddly or chastise them via speech synthesis when they do/type/say certain things, (For example, using IE).

Sweet! Can you make me a script to help me win at LoL/Dota2/<insert multiplayer game of choice here>?


Have a note from the author.

"You may not use this software to cheat at online or multiplayer games. What constitutes cheating depends on the game and the server. Just using a different input device shouldn't be considered cheating, but complex scripted actions to make things easier may be considered cheating. Don't get GlovePIE banned, or you will hurt everyone who wants to play with an unusual input device. But feel free to cheat at single player!"

I would ask you to follow this rule.

Please don't be that one guy who ruins it for everyone else because he can't follow a simple rule.

(Nobody likes that guy. Not even his mom.)

So what are GlovePIE scripts, you ask?

Wow. You ask a lot of questions.

A GlovePIE script is simply a little program that runs in GlovePIE.

I've made lots of them, and am going to share some with you/help you make some of your own!

How can you learn to make GlovePIE scripts?

Documentation is included in the .zip file. You can access this, (and other useful things), in the "help" dropdown menu of GlovePIE.

Does GlovePIE work on Mac or Linux?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Maybe. It is primarily designed for windows. (98 to Vista).

It has not been officially tested on windows 7, but I have never run into any problems using it.

I have been told it also works on windows 8. -(Mooseman9)

But as for Mac and Linux, I have heard of people getting it to work using the WINE compatibility layer if you need this that badly. No guarantees everything will work though, and no, I will not help you set WINE up. There are many tutorials for how to do that already.

Where do I get this wonderful thing, you ask?


NOTE: I would highly recommend that you not type “glovepie.org” into your browser as an address. For whatever reason, the page at “www.glovepie.org appears to have been defaced some time ago, and has never been fixed. You should use the address/link above to go directly to the part of the site that deals with GlovePIE.

Is this program going to, "give me a virus"?

As far as I can tell, no. I have run the .zip of the latest version's download through VirusTotal, and it came up clean. Here is the SHA256 sum;


Do note that glovePIE runs with administrator privileges by default.

If you would like to disable GlovePIE running as admin by default, you can simply delete “PIEFree.exe.manifest” from the folder where GlovePIE is located. However, GlovePIE needs administrator privileges for some functions, like injecting input into full-screen games.

If at any point something is changed due to user input, (or I blatantly steal something from someone and add it to one of my posts/scripts in this thread), they will be mentioned by a "-(username)"

I hope you thank them for their contribution to science! -(lukeb28)

TIPS on making your own scripts!

  • Read/search through the documentation! It has the solutions to most problems!
  • GlovePIE is not case-sensitive as far as I can tell. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  • You can set the location of the mouse cursor and the status of keys on the keyboard artificially! This is great for macros! But if you want to type something, just use the type" " command!
  • You can also "swallow" the keyboard and mouse, which will prevent everything but GlovePIE from receiving those inputs. Very useful for keeping your scripts clean when you want to change what a key does.
  • GlovePIE also has a "GUI" tab that will automatically detect what devices you want to emulate. This is useful if you are scared of manual scripting or do not know how to refer to a certain input in your script.

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:frogsiren: Scripts! :frogsiren:

Mouse cursor coordinate script v1.0

This script prints the coordinates of the mouse cursor to GlovePIE's debug window. It will lock them if you hit the L key and unlock them if you press the K key. This script is really good for making other scripts that deal with the location of things on the screen or have you setting the location of the mouse. Works well in conjunction with window.title, which lets you find out the title of the active window.

For example, if window.title = Internet Explorer then you set the mouse to the default location of the close button and click it; etc, etc.

if key.L = true

var.lock = true



if key.k = true

var.lock = false



if var.lock = false

debug = mouse.CursorPos




Keyboard to mouse script. v1.0

This script will allow you to move the mouse with your arrow keys, click with your Z and X keys, and slow the mouse movement down by holding shift.

My record using this script to play Wasteland Kings is two rounds cleared. 
//Written by TheBytemaster in glovePIE 0.45

//For use with a keyboard


//Arrow key -> mouse movement conversion

if key.LeftShift = true

//Use shift to move the cursor at half speed

//Useful for precision

Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + key.Up*(-5)

Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + key.Down*(5)

Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + key.Right*(5)

Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + key.Left*(-5)


Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + key.Up*(-10)

Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + key.Down*(10)

Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + key.Right*(10)

Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + key.Left*(-10)



// Stops other programs from "seeing" the arrow keys, as well as

//the Z and X keys

Swallow key.Up

Swallow key.Down

Swallow key.Right

Swallow key.Left

Swallow key.X

Swallow key.Y


//Z key = left mouse button

Mouse.LeftButton = key.Z

//X key = right mouse button

Mouse.RightButton = key.X


"Youtube" detection troll script. v1.0

If the victim of this script types the string "youtube", this script will cause their computer to go completely mental. You can disable the script and kill GlovePIE with the built-in shortcut.


For best results, I recommend you run the script and then minimize glovepie to the system tray using the [ .] button next to the help menu.


Use carefully. I'm not responsible if you do something stupid with this.

//Written by TheBytemaster in glovePIE 0.45

//For use with a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and a person with a

//sense of humor you can trust to not murder you later


//helps protect against false positives

if key.space = true

var.y = false

var.o = false

var.u = false

var.t = false

var.b = false



//detects the string "youtube", unless you hold shift while

//typing the final letter

//Yes, I know this is ugly and terrible. If you find a better way

//to do this, let me know.

If key.y = true

Var.y = true



If key.o = true

if var.y = true

Var.o = true


var.y = false




If key.u= true

If var.o = true

Var.u = true


Var.y = false

Var.u = fals




If key.t = true

If var.u = true

Var.t= true


Var.y = false

Var.o = false

Var.u = false




If key.b = true

If var.t = true

Var.b = true


Var.y = false

Var.o = false

Var.u = false





If key.e = true

If var.b = true and key.shift = false

Var.tableflip = true

Var.sing = true

var.spazz = true

var.flick = true


Var.y = false

Var.o = false

Var.u = false

Var.t = false

Var.b = false




//flips the tables. But mostly flips the screen.

If var.tableflip = true

screen.orientation = 90

Wait 15 s

Screen.orientation = 270

Wait 15 s




If var.sing = true

Say "fart fart slap slap fart fart slap"

Wait 2.8s



//causes the icon to spazz

If var.spazz = true

Mouse.cursor = random(21)



//makes the mouse cursor move erratically

if var.flick = true

var.xci = (wiimote.PointerX * 200)

var.Yci = (wiimote.PointerY * 200)

Mouse.DirectInputX = var.Xci

Mouse.DirectinputY = var.Yci



//secret backdoor that also covers your tracks by closing glovePIE

If key.w and key.o and key.space = true

Var.tableflip = false

Var.spazz = false

var.fart = false

var.flick = false

screen.Orientation = 0





Play Minecraft with a Wiimote and Nunchuck script. ) v0.5.1

(Uses bluetooth and an IR bar. IR works best if you are at least a couple of feet away from your screen. Using a TV set would be ideal.)


Not finished yet. I would appreciate any help you can give!


(Yes, I am aware that other scripts exsist for this. I wanted to make my own better version that doesn't rely on motion plus)

//Written by TheBytemaster in glovePIE 0.45

//For use with Nintendo Wiimote & Nunchuck (with IR sensor bar) via Bluetooth


//NOTE: This is written for the default minecraft keybindings.


//Pretty lights! If you don't want your wiimote's LEDs to flash while,

//while the script is running, just delete or comment out the section below

while wiimote.HasNunchuk do

wiimote.Leds = 9

wait 0.7 s

wiimote.Leds = 6

end while


//Nunchuck joystick --> WASD  'Nuff said

WASD = Nunchuck.Joy


//Mouse clickey-doodle stuff. If you can't figure out what this part does,

//maybe you should just go eat a popsicle or something.

Mouse.LeftButton = Wiimote1.B

Mouse.RightButton = Wiimote1.A


//Mouse movement controls. Work in progress. Motion and pointer/motion hybrid

//controls should hopefully be coming soon

var.IRvisible = wiimote.PointerVisible


while var.IRvisible = true do

Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + 100*deadzone(wiimote.PointerX)

Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectinputY + 100*deadzone(wiimote.PointerY)



//Swing the Wiimote down as if you were beating a drum to

//place a block/right click. If you don't want this,

//comment out or delete the line below

Mouse.RightButton = Wiimote.DrumBeat



Key.Shift = Wiimote1.Down


//Pause/Escape key

Key.Escape = Wiimote1.Plus


//Throw Item

Key.q = Wiimote1.Minus


//Inventory controls

if Nunchuck1.C = true then

Mouse.Wheelup = true

wait 5 ms

Mouse.Wheelup = false



if Nunchuck1.Z = true then

Mouse.Wheeldown = true

wait 5 ms

Mouse.Wheeldown = false



//open invintory

Key.E = Nunchuck1.Z and Nunchuck1.C //Hit both buttons at once


if said ("open the pod bay doors", 6 )

say "you know I can't do that dave"


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Minecraft with a wiimote! :D

And nunchuck, yes.

"The sensor bar is just a bunch of Infra Red lights which are always on. You can make your own fake sensor bar with candles, Christmas tree lights, or Infra-Red remote controls with a button held down. Or you can order a wireless sensor bar off the internet, or you can build your own. Or you can use your Wii’s real sensor bar, by connecting the Wiimote to the PC first, then turning your Wii on with the console’s power button." -(official documentation)

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Ooh, neat. I didn't realize the sensor bar was just a beacon sort of thing, I assumed it was fancier then that. Does the script work well?

Hey mom, is it ok if I play on the computer?

No. You're on it too much.

Hmph. Well, can I play Wii?

Ok, that's fine.


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Ooh, neat. I didn't realize the sensor bar was just a beacon sort of thing, I assumed it was fancier then that. Does the script work well?


The buttons and joystick? Should work fine.

As for the pointer, I don't know, and I likely won't have time to test it today. Want to give 'er a whirl?

EDIT: fixed a little derp. Lights will only flash on your Wiimote if you have a Nunchuck plugged in that GlovePIE recognizes now.

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I doubt Ill have the chance to try it out before you do, as the only computer I have access to is a desktop located 10 yards away from the TV. (Which is a nice big one, so it should be awesome!)

Unfortunately it's a "family" computer, hopefully I'll get my own soon.

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I doubt Ill have the chance to try it out before you do, as the only computer I have access to is a desktop located 10 yards away from the TV. (Which is a nice big one, so it should be awesome!)

Unfortunately it's a "family" computer, hopefully I'll get my own soon.

Ah. I see. Well then, I guess I'll try to find some time. I'm really just not sure about exactly what numbers wiimote.pointerX and wiimote.pointerY return, so I might have to do some tweaking.

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