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Hi, I'm dillion345. I started on a Tekkit server 2 days ago and have got plenty of resources. I started a Computer Company with my friend on the server because CC had recently been unbanned! We're called MineSystem Inc. and already have a computer assembly line and lots of space to build multiple floors on our main building.

To get to the point, nobody on the server knows CC well, I need a programmer who can run all the R&D for the company. Eventually I want to learn more off people but for now If we could make programs for players, that would be magnificent. Also we'd be able to sell them and keep on updating to make money! I imagine a great future for my company on the server!

If you join my team and work in R&D for me then you will receive 50% of all profits! Remember this is Tekkit to so you can join the server and have fun! Imagine this partnership like Jobs and Wozniak!

So if you could please message me the info below I will message back saying if you can join the company and then also send you the server IP!

- How well do you know CC / lua

- What programs have you ever made in CC

- Minecraft Username

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wow,no responses so far,does anyone know CC at all here? anyways,i know it pretty well,i can work with monitors,printers,i know how to use wired and wireless modems,id say i know alot more than everyone else here who has posted...

my name is igotbored112 and ive made password programs (non-hackable ones,unlike what u see in the mod showcase stuff...) chats that can send messages over long distances,and my favorite,touchscreen programs allowing you to interact without typing commands,so im fairly good, so just respond in comments plz,

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