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BeamNG Drive


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So, what is BeamNG Drive, well, its a soft-body physics game, that uses the physics engine (BeamNG, which is created, by beamng ;), as is BeamNG Drive), and the graphics engine Torque3D, its an AMAZING game, however, it is in Early Alpha, so really all there is to do, is crash car's, and of course, there are going to be bugs, hence, EARLY ALPHA, as well as do demo derby's using the Murderous ai (you can spawn multiple car's in the full alpha game, press CTRL+T, and set ai to chasing player) and, like the name says, will murdurize your vehicle

Planned Features:

Local MP Demo Derby's

Racing game-mode(mp, and ai)

Local and Online Multiplayer

Murderous ai (still being worked on, but does work for the most part)

Street Legal Racing: Redline like career mode

Full Engine damage (radiator, fuel lines, things like that)

Weather system (rain, snow, things like that)

Day/Night system (does work, but is disabled by defualt, to enable, go to world editor (F11) search TOD, and check the "Play" variable, or you can manually change the time of day)

and much, much more :D

Some of my pics:

crash of the Gavril H45 Cargo Box Upfit, at 118mph


there is actually fuel implmentation in the game, and using the console, you can manually change the fuel level, anyway though, the dashboard fully works, so check engine lights, abs lights, low fuel lights (as shown in this picture) and things like that all work


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