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Hexxit world troubles...


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Hello all,

I've come to these forums seeking advice. Currently in my world, there is a tower golem wrecking everything. He has 3000 hp (bug?) and gives blindness, as well as depletes hunger. He's currently destroying the forest I built my base in. I am playing on ssp. I've tried facing him 3 times, but he kills my armor so fast it is ridiculous. He's outside of the tower now, and just setting everything ablaze. anything I can do to save my world? (without cheating?)

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1. Don't make a base that can burn.

2. Next time an unbeatable mob appears just run. Mobs will despawn after some time if you are out of range, so just leave your base for a few minutes, he should be gone after that.

3. If you post your crashlog we might be able to help recover the world. How to post the Crashlog is in 4. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/technical-problems-we-can-fix-that.50935/

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