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Thermal expansion missing


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Hi I'm having a problem with my big dig world. I've been playing the same world in ssp for over a month and I updated most of the mods and added and removed a few. So ill understand if no one can help me. About a month ago I rented a server and moved my ssp world to the server just for my own play and its been working awesome up to now. Yesterday I installed Tekkit classic and played it for about an hour then went to bed that's the only interaction I have had with Minecraft . Today when I woke up I tried to start my big dig server and its telling me that Thermal Expansion is missing and the server wont start without it so I tried to open it in ssp and the same error no thermal expansion would you like to continue. I've tried re downloading Thermal Expansion and also removing the config but to no successes. I'm not expecting miracles but if anyone could help me ill be very thankful not to have to waste months of game play. Thank you.

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On Friday I logged out of my big dig world and went to sleep. On Saturday I did not touch big dig instead I downloaded tekkit classic with the launcher. On Monday I decided I wanted to play some more big dig but when I started up the game ssp and smp they both started giving me the id mismatch warning for thermal expansion. The sort of error like thermal expansion was completely removed from the game when it clearly was still in the mod folder. The only reason I mentioned tekkit classic is because that's the only interaction at all I had with minecraft from logging out of big dig on friday then trying to log back into big dig on Monday. Probably irrelevant but but then I've never had problems with a mod id mismatching on its own. Sorry if this confuses you more but I to am confused about the problem lol. Thanks for the reply.

Oh and my server boots up fine it's just my client and my server think thermal expansion is missing so that's why my server won't start up.

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