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[1.3.9]RamodoCraft[PvP/Factions/Grief][35 slots:this may change][Open Server][Natura]

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ip: or

server rules:

no cheating

no excessive swearing

All Griefing allowed outside spawn

no spamming

no advertising

no begging

Blocked Items -rejuvination explosive -LandMark -ChocoboSaddleBag -Obby TNT -Reusable Safari Net -MystCraft -ALL Logistic Pipes -Void Pipes -Rift Blade - Planter - Hopper -SoulCage

Major Plugins: World Border - GroupManager - WorldGuard - WorldEdit - Trails - Essentials - Factions RamodoCraft is a 24/7 Factions PVP Minecraft Server featuring the Big-Dig Modpack from the Technic Launcher. Greifing and raiding are allowed outside spawn. Start a war or just make friends! This modpack adds tons of new features including missiles, bombs, electricity, force-fields, power armor, magics, chemical elements, rocket science, space flight and much more! These mods give you the tools you need to make a base, fortify it, expand, and have fun!

24/7 up-time!

Come one come all, everyone is welcome to join us! its easy to get started so don't be discouraged if you cant get a team right away!

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