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Where's the HV cable?


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Hi all,

I'm slightly new to this but I have already created my own underground missile bunker with 10 tier 3 silos and have big plans for it, and I also have had great experience with minecraft (other than voltz). So another of my concerns was energy, and after some thought, I opted for nuclear fusion. Today i began testing and constructed an exact replica of TacticalLion's fusion reactor. Although when i started it up, my cables burned out. As a result of some quick research, i realised that i was using regular copper wire, which was obviously not fit for these kinds of power levels, and immediately sought out for some Insulated HV Wire, but it was nowhere to be found. A brief scan of a roughly helpful thread stated that this, and some other items, had been removed from the game.

Can anybody recommend some other method of transporting energy please?


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Universal cables DO work, just not with battery boxes for some reason. You need either basic, advanced, elite, or ultimate energy cubes to transfer power from your power source to your power storage with those cables. The universal cables are the only way to transfer power, use copper wiring for nothing but circuits.

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