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So I recently put up my new Tekkit Lite server which has done great. But the other day I noticed that spawn was griefed and It was under my name for Core Protection at about 3am. So I go and change my password on my minecraft account to a complex series of numbers and letters and no one had changed my old password. The next day I get on again to find the same thing happened to the spawn and some peoples houses all under my name! I changed my password once again. Is there someone brute forcing my account? Will this quit or is it a security bug with the server? Please help


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It's more likely that someone is changing their name to yours than them actually using our account, unless they have some way to access it without putting in a password (someone else using your computer?) check the logs for when your account logged in - in particular around the time it happened. If your server is in offline mode, anyone could log in as any name they like, by the way.

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