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Looking For A Small Community Server


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Hey, I want to play on a server no more then really 16 or 24 people. I like to know people I play with typically, because the community aspect of Minecraft/Tekkit is what's really fun for me. I also want it to be a very natural game. Not where you start off with full iron armor and weapons. Or server vote perks either. The fact that you can get a Mk1 Relay just by voting seems to take all the fun out of it knowing I could just vote if I wanted to get the stuff. So, to sum it up:

  • 24 people max server
  • Least amount of banned items
  • Hardly any server vote perks

I understand what I want is like slim to none to find but if you have a server or know of one people let me know. I would really appreciate it!



P.S. If I need to be white-listed my 'resume' is:

  • IGN: Fluffy_Duffy
  • Played for 2 years
  • Enjoy working for my stuff, not receiving
  • Obey rules
  • Not rude
  • I enjoy PvP under one condition. Only when I'm winning.
  • Disregard the PvP thing, I'm a good sport.

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