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Have a probblem


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(First sorry for my bad englese) so i download the mod pack and when i logg in alweis tell invalid name/password combinatioon whit what account can i enter the game (if u have 1 u dont need please you can give it to me so i can play ) i only need 1 so the person must send a message here first then Pm me so i dont get 2-3 or 0 accounts

But to get an account is not the probblem i played the game like 1 mownth ago and now ....nothing whit the same account

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How to log in to Hexxit:

  1. Download the launcher.
  2. Start the launcher.
  3. Select Hexxit.
  4. Input your username (For non-migrated accounts) or you email. (For Mojang accounts.)
  5. Input your Minecraft (For non-migrated accounts) or Mojang (For Mojang accounts) password.
  6. Click launch.
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