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Fusion reactor fire instead of plasma


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I'm playing version 2.0.4 and am trying to build my first ever fusion reactor. After putting it all together I am not getting plasma in the tubes but fire instead. It IS heating up the water and spinning the turbines but I'm sure something is wrong. Are there certain issues that cause this or can it be any number of things? I can post my setup if needed. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Fun fact: fire is actually a plasma. But I know what you mean. This happened to me once on a 1.0.11 server many months ago when most servers ran that version. It still generated power so idk if it was a bug or what. Strange that it is happening in 2.0.4 though. It might just be a bug that has popped up again. If it still makes power I wouldn't worry about it.

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