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  1. It downloads fine but as the game won't launch. I think it may just be my antivirus so I hope this will be fixed soon. Same thing happened to me for 3.0.0
  2. Why it no work ): It just starts to load it then goes back to the launcher...
  3. Server is whitelisted once more temporarily. We just need to fix some issues with the server.
  4. The server is no longer whitelisted. Feel free to join at any time. If the server is down, please wait a few minutes, it may just be restarting.
  5. Jacob, its me, kiazoku. You may remember me as your dedicated admin. You already know most of this stuff about me so if you so choose, please whitelist me and make me admin again . I'll do everything i did before for the server, perfect the spawn, help players, make sure everyone follows the rules, etc. etc. So glad to see the server back up again man , hope you will whitelist me
  6. I've tried starting it up several times, but all that happens is it shows the Mojang logo, then just goes white and does nothing. Anybody know whats happening and how to fix it?
  7. this server is frickin big dig. Please remove it from the voltz server list and put it where it belongs.
  8. I love Voltz version 2.0.4, but I want it to update dang it! I want all the new epic versions of the mods. What happened to the days when Voltz was CONSTANTLY being updated! I want voltz to update again!
  9. You are using Uranium-238 not Uranium-235. It has to be U-235.
  10. Either way, we're not supposed to criticize the mod authors decisions on the technic forums. Take it up with Calclavia instead of just complaining about it on the forums.
  11. Its not the technic teams fault, so don't post it on the Voltz discussion. Calclavia is the mod author. If you dislike it, you can always make your own UE mod with nuclear reactors and uranium and such, and maybe it will get in a future version of voltz. Besides, if it didn't poison you right away, it would make doing the advanced nuclear stuff too easy. Plus, its only minecraft, and in case you didn't notice, minecraft usually just blatantly disregards the laws of physics in everything.
  12. So I was wondering what mods would be in the next version of Voltz, as well as if servers will need to reset there maps in order to update. Anyone know what the plans are?
  13. Ok, all you have to do is select Voltz, but first click the gear icon under it, click manually select a build, then select version 1.1.4. Then just enter the IP and you will be good to go.
  14. Are there gonna be more wires in the next update of Voltz? Cuz copper wires kinda suck a ton now, and I don't like using big tube things instead cuz that kind of defeats the whole idea of the Voltz real life electricity type thing.
  15. You seem to be running an ancient version of voltz. You should update to 2.0.4 but personally 1.1.4 is my fav. You can only run those versions off of the new launcher idk ifmyou have it, if not download it.
  16. If you have a thermometer on it try setting it at like 900 to make your control rods go up and cool it down then it will cool down and start again and won't reach 1000. You should still try and find out the cause but idk what that might be. If you don't have a thermometer and control rod system get one or you will probably die. Correct me if stuff doesn't work that way because i have only played a little 2.0.4.
  17. Fun fact: fire is actually a plasma. But I know what you mean. This happened to me once on a 1.0.11 server many months ago when most servers ran that version. It still generated power so idk if it was a bug or what. Strange that it is happening in 2.0.4 though. It might just be a bug that has popped up again. If it still makes power I wouldn't worry about it.
  18. I would like to play with you guys as long as I dont have to use skype or vent or anything like that. Also, please make the server run version 1.1.2, 1.1.3, or 1.1.4 altough preferably 1.1.4. Those are my fav versions of voltz and I hate the new ones.
  19. Hello I am kiazoku a server admin on ImposingHosting. We are looking for new mature players who are at least 13 years old. We are a unique Voltz server with close to no lag and a dedicated host. We have very few banned items and are always willing to welcome new players. Server Rules 1. No raiding offline players 2. Respect the owner and admins 3. Do not set off explosions that will damage the spawn safe zone 4. No griefing spawn if you find a way to 5. No Redmatter, Hypersonic, Sonic EMP, or Anti-Gravitational missiles, carts, or explosives. All other explosives are allowed but the ones mentioned cause major problems for the server 6. Respect other players 7. Keep swearing and cursing to a minimal 8. No racism or sexism 9. No glitching (glitching to get on top of the Nether is an exception) 10. No sending spies to opposing teams as this tends to prevent them from making any progress Banned Items Redmatter explosives/missiles EMP explosives/missiles Sonic explosives/missiles/carts Hypersonic explosives/missiles Server Plugins World Guard xTeam Essentials EssentialsSpawn Shout ClearLag GroupManager donateinfo Server Features Free leather machine at spawn Public machines (costs one diamond for 5 minutes of use) And more to come! Server IP Address voltz.imposinghosting.com We look forward to you joining us! Feel free to ask any questions regarding the server or how to change your version of Voltz to 1.1.4 by posting a reply to this thread.
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