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automatic tree farm


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ok so ive googled this extensively but there doesnt seem to be any tutorials for tekkit all i find is tekkit classic and i dont have redpower on the server im on so that wont help me at all can anyone point me to where i can start or link a tutorial?

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There are certainly not as many resources available as tekkit classic.

I would start by watching mod spotlights on you tube. There is a guy called direwolf20 that has very informative spotlights on Minefactory reloaded, thermal expansion, and mystcraft. Others too I'm sure.After that there is a mod-pack specific wiki link right at the top of the forums pages.

If you already understand build-craft I would look at thermal expansion next as it kinda replaces Industrial-craft 2 functions.

P.S. even if you already know build-craft from classic it is worth it to look at a spotlight for the 3.0 features that are in new tekkit. Build-craft 3.0 is just the bee's knees.

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An automated tree farm can be accomplished very cleanly with MineFactory Reloaded and Thermal Expansion, provided you have a power source. I strongly suggest looking at the relevant pages on the wiki for Tekkit v1.1.8. To sum up though, for a tree farm you need at least one of the following:

MFR Planter - The machine that places the sapling(s) or other plants you want. It needs to be place a meter BELOW where you want the stuff to grow. It will also only plant stuff on material it can grow (ie trees only grow on dirt/grass blocks).

MFR Harvester -The machine that actually harvests the things the planter puts up. You can tell it whether or not to shear leaves, harvest mushrooms (ignore unless you're growing mushrooms) or harvest jungle wood (in case you're planting cocoa beans). When it harvests items it also generates sludge which can be used in a sludge boiler but that's another explanation lol.

The following aren't necessary but do make things easier:

TE Item Tesseract -I use this to handle machine output, in this case the harvester. It only handles solids, in your case wood, saplings, and apples if you plant oaks.

TE Energy Tesseract -I use this to power the two MFR machines but any power supply will do. I just find it super convenient.

TE Liquid Tesseract - I use this to output the sludge I mentioned above from the harvester to a tank elsewhere. They are entirely optional as a full sludge tank on the harvester won't stop it from harvesting.

The last thing I'll mention is the MFR Fertilizer and MFR upgrades. The fertilizer does pretty much what you'd expect, feeding plants in front of it industrial fertilizer (you can get it from composters or by crafting) to instantly grow them to adulthood. The upgrades can increase the size certain MFR machines operate in. By default for example a planter puts stuff down in a 3x3 area above it, centered on the planter. A lapis upgrade (first one) gives it a radius boost of 1, meaning it would then plant in a 5x5. You can boost the harvester, planter, and fertilizer up to a 25x25 area if you so desire. Sewers go up to 23x23 only since they only affect the one space above them by default.

Hope this helps.

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