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[1.1.4]ImposingHosting[PvP/PvE][20 Slots][No Whitelist][No mods removed]


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Hello I am kiazoku a server admin on ImposingHosting. We are looking for new mature players who are at least 13 years old. We are a unique Voltz server with close to no lag and a dedicated host. We have very few banned items and are always willing to welcome new players.

Server Rules

1. No raiding offline players

2. Respect the owner and admins

3. Do not set off explosions that

will damage the spawn safe zone

4. No griefing spawn if you find a way to

5. No Redmatter, Hypersonic, Sonic

EMP, or Anti-Gravitational missiles,

carts, or explosives. All other explosives

are allowed but the ones mentioned cause major

problems for the server

6. Respect other players

7. Keep swearing and cursing to

a minimal

8. No racism or sexism

9. No glitching (glitching to get

on top of the Nether is an exception)

10. No sending spies to opposing

teams as this tends to prevent

them from making any progress

Banned Items

Redmatter explosives/missiles

EMP explosives/missiles

Sonic explosives/missiles/carts

Hypersonic explosives/missiles

Server Plugins

World Guard








Server Features

Free leather machine at spawn

Public machines (costs one diamond for 5 minutes of use)

And more to come!

Server IP Address


We look forward to you joining us! Feel free to ask any questions regarding the server or how to change your version of Voltz to 1.1.4 by posting a reply to this thread.

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I am interested in joining the server!

Ok, all you have to do is select Voltz, but first click the gear icon under it, click manually select a build, then select version 1.1.4. Then just enter the IP and you will be good to go.

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