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[3.1.2][24/7]Unnatural Tekkit Classic[EE][Open Temp][Factions][No-Grief][Mature][Economy]


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Welcome to Unnatural Tekkit we are currently running Classic version 3.1.2

we are a new pve no grief server. We are a small group of friends that

decided to make our own server and customize it with our own

idea of ideal plugins and rules. We wanted to create a fun laid

back but structured experience.


-Location: United States


if you cant join with the port at the end, remove the port like so:













-No griefing or stealing

-No abusing chat, begging, or advertising

-No exploits, hacks, or cheating

-No EMC farms, no visible quarries

-No un-aesthetically appealing buildings or 1x1 towers

-Factions only allowed to claim at 2 locations of any size

-No asking staff for any item or any rank

-No excessive timers or broken pipes

-No drop parties

-Have fun & Enjoy your stay


(Coming soon: Ranks/Donators unlocked banned items)

-All Explosives


-Dm Pedestals

-Rings & Amulets (Except Swifwolfs)

-Gem Armor(Working on patching it)

-Rm Furnace(Future Donator item)

-Watch of flowing time, Mercurial Eye, Hyperkenetic Lens

-Alchemical Tome(Work around banned items)

-Morning Star, Katar, Destruction Catalyst, Mining Laser

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