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Updating Galacticraft to newest version

Daniel Whiddon

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I have a general question for the tekkit community. I am trying to update galacticraft to get to the new planets and access the new content. (1.42 +)

However, I am running into two issues when doing so. 1: The new version of galacticraft is only available for the newest version of MC (1.6.4). 2: I will have a hard to updating MC to the new version since a lot of Tekkit is embedded in the JAR file.

Therefore, Im wondering if anyone has had any experience with this, or if im just completely wasting my time. Will updating MC break the rest of tekkit, or will the old mods work in the newer versions? Can I just update galacticraft and get around the MC version? Do I even need to get around it?

Im sorry if that is a lot. I am new to the complexities of modding MC.

Thank you for your help.

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Unfortunately, you'll probably have to wait for tekkit to finally update however some mods and other jazz will probably be lost in the process.

From what I've read of people updating galacticraft on tekkit causing a multitude of crashes and requiring significant debugging.

A little more research has determined that the newest edition of galacticraft is based on 1.6.4 and I don't think all the other mods are at that point yet in tekkit.

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