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  1. The tool needs to be fully repaired and it should work.
  2. I just realized this now... and I have no problem in tossing many tools... but repairing any tool using materials created a loss of mining speed. On pickaxes its not a big deal but on hammers and whatnot it drastically effects the speed which obviously encourages using blocks of materials to repair larger tools... Is there a way to remedy this other than using up a modifier slot with redstone? However the big issue is that the tool itself has an experience on it compared to previous versions... and after time you'd have to toss it because of mining speed loss so... is there anything on this?
  3. Thanks for the response, kind of a bummer... that was actually the reason I downloaded the pack... a minecraft that was actually hard.
  4. Like the title says... i created a world with hardcore... still says its disabled.
  5. Power Quarry ME Storage ME Crafting Once these 4 are done... work on whatever you want.
  6. I don't know what you can do for that... but a temporary solution to fix this is to use a link book as a teleporter.
  7. Thats fucking amazing.... the amount of work that went into that.... is insane.... I was thinking of making deep space nine for shits and giggles.
  8. Tekkit lite has it using Redpower 2, it wasn't really airships so much as a method of moving blocks using frames and exploiting that mechanic but lead to some interesting creations. A good example of how the airships are made is like how I make a star trek style 'Transporter' in the current Tekkit. Using linkbooks, a piston dropout floor and a button... activated the teleporter that brought me to a similar teleporter room on my defiant (deep space 9) space ship.
  9. I ended up creating a massive connection of wires for a farming area that feeds into my ME system. I've become extremely dependent on the ME... only use buildcraft for power. I also created a backup power generation system using combustion engines that I can activate if for any reason my other power sources fail which has happened several times.
  10. Every time I've built any kind of elevator in tekkit.... I've been greatly disappointed afterwards because there are much better systems.
  11. Industrial Craft is very unlikely due to its slow updates and it still being in the experimental phase. Thermal expansion isn't even updated for 1.6 yet. Also I haven't heard anything about them switching power however there is a lot of rumors floating around about it and even they themselves said most of it is bull. Also if they switch out any mods... it would not likely be called tekkit but a new pack.
  12. You run out of sand too easy with 2+ quarries going.
  13. I was pumping lava out of the nether for a line of about 8 magmatic engines. As I got further in, with the ME system, rednet, and quarries, I had aproximately 18 magmatic engines each. Created fission reactor... got tired of not paying attention and running out of tin for deuterium cells when almost all my tin was being used for a massive space construct project. Created a lava ocean world using mystcraft and transferred my pumps from nether to there and added another row of magmatic engines. Magmatic engines require the least maintenance as did Geothermal on IC2... regardless. The machines may have changed but energy production is and has always been quite easy. The only thing I can see changing during this time is a persons own experience on generating energy and it becoming easier for you to figure it out.
  14. I have an item tessaract that leads into some iron pipes because I have a few pulverizers etc attached to the pipes and it all leads to a chest with an import bus just in case for whatever reason the ME system loses power and cannot import. However I have a fairly large quantity of items coming in so I used a chest and a few pipes just to be safe. Also want to note, the import bus is a precision.
  15. Oh god I'd love to have support frames in tekkit. One... retractable space bridges. Two... top silo door for rockets. Three... makeshift turbolifts for space stations
  16. I keep a vertical line of pulverizers and powered smelted with iron transport pipes running out the sides and bottoms with me cables for input so I don't ever have to worry about loading or unloading em.
  17. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to wait for tekkit to finally update however some mods and other jazz will probably be lost in the process. From what I've read of people updating galacticraft on tekkit causing a multitude of crashes and requiring significant debugging. A little more research has determined that the newest edition of galacticraft is based on 1.6.4 and I don't think all the other mods are at that point yet in tekkit.
  18. Yes and no, logistic pipes have no way of telling how much of an item is inside an engine and will keep trying to input an item when filled with items and the items will pop out onto the ground. You can build a slightly elaborate system using redstone signals but frankly.... Applied Energistics has the ME Export Bus that when attached directly to the engine will export items in an ME system to the engine until full.
  19. As of now, you can use tilled dirt and growing wheat as an unending supply for the oxygen collector instead of leaves.
  20. A multitude of wikis are quite useful. Buildcraft wiki for items relating to it. http://minecraftbuildcraft.wikia.com/wiki/ Steves cart main page wiki. http://stevescarts2.wikispaces.com/ I use the Voltz wiki for atomic science but for the most part I would recommend youtube specific videos. Galacticraft I had to use youtube videos but theres this now... http://wiki.micdoodle8.com/wiki/Galacticraft Applied Energistics - http://ae-mod.info/ For the most part... if you want to learn how a specific item works type the item into google... you'll get wikis, youtube videos, and forum posts from numerous forums.
  21. In my experience, its much simpler to just do singular sapling jungle trees with an emerald upgrade on the harvester. I don't even bother with bonemeal because I end up with a lot of trees.
  22. You gotta add it in creative. There is no other way.
  23. There's also the makeshift battery which is cheaper to make however the redstone energy cell is significantly better.
  24. This is just a basic guess beyond this I wouldn't have a clue... but the network on the other side is dimensionally anchored right?
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