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[1.5.2] TechBeast Official Server [TS3][Dedicated][Custom Mods][100 Slot]

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TechBeast Official

Welcome to TechBeast, finally the official server has been born! TechBeast is a modpack which has been in development for several months, finally its come to the end and now we have made a place where everyone can enjoy playing together in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

The server is fully tuned for performance.


Server Type:

  • Dedicated Server [16GB RAM]
  • Firewalled.
  • Network Tuned.
  • TickThreaded.
  • Location: Europe


  • No Griefing.
  • No Exploiting, Hacking, Xray or anything of this type.
  • No Advertising or promoting anything other than TechBeast.
  • No Lag Machines (and you know, the ones built on purpose)

How to get on server:

You need to register an account at

www.fragcore.com and on the registration page specify your minecraft name, Thats it!

You will now be able to access the server, This must be done otherwise the server will refuse you.

Reporting Bugs/Other Players:

You will find the correct places on

www.fragcore.com or alternatively you can speak with us in the Teamspeak: play.fragcore.com

I hope to see some new people, Lets build some awesome stuff!


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This is the best server you've ever had the pleasure of playing.

The download is large, has many mods, but despite this I never had lag issues on the server. The administrator always helps, even at times when you are not online in minecraft.

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