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ID 8888 ID 8889 Mismatching, Please Help! How to change PC language to English?


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When I try to join to my friends server it says that ID 8888 and ID 8889 is mismatching and says that I cant join the server, Im pretty sure this has something to do with my Turkish pc because it changes some letters to Turkish letters on railcraft too, which crashes my game/server. I could fix it back then but now I dont know what is 8888 and 8889 and which mod it is, so please can you help me? I searched every mod but couldn't find that and I think because it changes it to Turkish letters forge mod loader creates new items with 8888 and 8889 ID's but I don't know what those items are that has wrong names?! I hate this, or atleast is there a way to fix my computer and make it english? So it wont turn letters into Turkish letters? So I can re-download Tekkit and try again? Please help!

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