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Cant get PermissionsEX to work

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Hi, I have been trying to get the permissions working on our tekkit server for several months and so far haven't had much luck. I have permissionsex installed, along with easy essentials, but the only way I can get them to work is to make everyone an operator. if they don't have operator access then they can't do anything on our tekkit server. am I doing something wrong?

We are using McMyAdmin and have it in permissions Exporting mode to export to PermissionsEX. How can I get PermissionsEX to work so I can de-op everyone but those who should have it?

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I can help you out, it looks like you put the users on the top and groups at the bottom (It's supposed to be the other away around).

Here's a tip, re-download PermissionsEx again and copy the format then configure it as how you did it before, if the problem occurs then add me on skype : waqar_3361, this is the only way i contact user(s)

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