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Problem with spawning mobs.


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Hi there. I am programming some mod using Forge and I found one bug - when I spawn entity (pigzombie in this case) it spawns two PigZombies, one is normal (walking around etc), the 2nd one is stuck, it can't be hurt and does not move. When I leave world and come back there again it disappear. My code:

public boolean itemInteractionForEntity(ItemStack is, EntityPlayer playerEntity, EntityLivingBase targetEntity)


        World world = playerEntity.worldObj;

        EntityCreature creature;


        if(targetEntity instanceof EntityZombie)

            creature = new EntityPigZombie(world);

        else if(targetEntity instanceof EntityCow)

            creature = new EntityMooshroom(world);


            return false;


        Vec3 pos = targetEntity.getPosition(1.0F);


        world.playSoundEffect((double)pos.xCoord + 0.5D, (double)pos.yCoord + 0.5D, (double)pos.zCoord + 0.5D, "fire.ignite", 1.0F, itemRand.nextFloat() * 0.4F + 0.8F);



        creature.setPosition(pos.xCoord, pos.yCoord, pos.zCoord);


        is.damageItem(10, playerEntity);


        return true;


I'm begginer with Minecraft modding. Thanks for help.

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