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[1.6.4]Nanoblock[PvP/PvE][30 slots][NanoBlock Custom Modpack]

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Link to the modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/craftblock-xtreme.187369
Server IP is preentered into the modpack, but in case you lose it: nano.craftblock.me

  • Be respectful to all players
  • Be ethical
  • Use common sense
  • No griefing or stealing
  • Do not exploit bugs/glitches
  • Do not use X-ray or related hacks
  • Do not ask for OP or ranks
  • No advertising.
  • No racism or vulgarity


About us

This server is part of a community known as Craftblock. Craftblock consists of a small group of other servers, this being one of them. This is the official Craftblock modded server.
This server is up 24/7. If it's ever down it should be reported on the forums. (http://craftblock.me/forum) Our community consists of many various nationalities and languages. While most of our players speak English, anyone is allowed to join. The purpose of our servers is to promote building and/or creative thinking. We have many talented people on our server that can build amazing things. Don't let this stop you from joining, though, because we would love to see your building skills! Since this is a new server, a random build has been pasted in to represent spawn. In the meantime, spawn is being built on the current map. Players can join and explore the world, team up with friends, and build all kinds of machinery. Our server is more of a "modern" server (due to all the machines), but all forms of building are still wanted! For our grief prevention, we use GriefPrevention. This form of grief prevention is much more accurate and precise than many other plugins and allows large areas to be "claimed" and allows the owner of the claim to manage permissions in said claim for other users.



Banned Items

Placement & Ownership Banned:
I-TNT: Blows up stuff.
Dynamite: Bypasses grief protections.
Sticky Dynamite: Bypasses grief protections.
Steve's Stopwatch: Cheat item.
Weather Orb: Cheat item.
Plasma Launcher: Bypasses grief protections.
Matter Cannon: Bypasses grief protections.
Turtles: Bypasses grief protections.


Usage Banned:
Mining Laser: Bypasses grief protections.


More about NanoBlock: http://craftblock.me/wiki/nano

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