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Starting a server -- could use some help


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Hello fellow tekkiters,

I have a server ready to go but it's a little over my head atm. This is a medium size server 75 people and I am looking to launch on Oct. 31st. However I would like some help if anyone is interested.

What i need help with are best plugins and proper way to configure them.

Also basic server management. I have completed most of the leg work at this point but just need to get to the next level to fully prepare this for launch. If you are interested please let me know.

The goal is to have (and this may change as it evolves)


creative area


multiverse (not sure what I m going to do here yet)

Skyblocks (eventually)


Claim blocks



donation kits

Try and find a way for EMC farms (I know it causes lag, but if anyone has any ideas, I love this aspect of the game)

A way for newbees to have a "hotel room" with basic necessities until they can get up and going.

These are just some of the ideas and I need any support.

I already have many of the plugins installed I just need a little help in configuring them, testing them out and making adjustments as needed for performance etc.

I am also open to ideas on what could be added to the server for a better player experience.



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