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Installing Hexxit through FTP


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Hey everyone.

I've been having problems with installing Hexxit onto my server for a few days now. First of all, I'm not very good with those kind of things and the website that is hosting my server does not support Hexxit as a "one click" installation, it only has Tekkit and Tekkit Lite. I've contacted them asking for help with the installation but they refused to help. Before you say anything about them not being a very good hosting website - it's a polish website, ran by polish people. The guy who I've spoken with didn't even know what CraftBukkit is, so... yeah.

So because I couldn't get any help for them, I had to do everything on my own. The only option for me is to install it through FTP but I'm not entirely sure how that works. I can connect to my ftp server through Total Commander and I can put the files onto it, but it doesn't seem to work.

After I've put all the files in there, I start the server, get in the game and: I can see the minimap, although I admit, it looks quite buggy. I can see the HP on mobs and animals, but it doesn't drop after I hit them. Now I wouldn't be worried too much about that but what worries me is that when I try to spawn an item that is in the Hexxit modpack, it comes up with a text "No such item with ID [item's id]". And that happens with EVERY item related to Hexxit. What did I do wrong? What do I do to make it work?

This is how it looks on FTP:


I really need your help, guys. I don't what else I can do.

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I use filezilla personally. What i did for my server was WIPE the entire default stuff that my provider gave, then Launched the server on my home PC for the updates and such. Then I uploaded the entire contents of that folder into my FTP and onto my server. It seemed to work for me, so i'm hoping it helps!

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yeah i agree, download FileZilla and log in and all that bologna, delete everything on the server (make a backup if you wish) and just put on what you download from the Hexxit sight. this same thing worked for me.

a little tip before you play tho, make sure you go through all the files on the server to make sure everything is in them. I learned this the hard way.

the way i suggest putting files onto your FTP is one directory at a time (make sure server is stopped) then when you got all that loaded in, use the Hexxit.jar as your primary jar file NOT minecraft_server.jar

you may have to contact your hosting service to allow you access to a certian bukkit thing ((my server runs on craftbukkit 1.5 #2686) if that helps any), just tell them you want to run Hexxit, and they should enable it for you. EDIT: i read the other half of your post about the customer service, all i can say is find someone on there that knows what Hexxit is (unless everything works without their help)

if you are getting severe errors when the spawn is generating, just press the restart button, sometimes this fixes it.

Also the reason your map and damage indicators and TMI works is because for the most part they are client side, trust me the same thing happened to me.

Need anything else PM me.

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