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Removing DimDoors Stuff


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Hey folks, server question. I'm reading that DimDoors is a cause for a fair amount of lag server side and seeing as how I'm not terribly attached to it (nor are any of my players) I'd like to remove it. Since I've been playing on this map for some time and have used various aspects of the mod at one point or another (nothing that needs to be kept) can I just remove the mod or do I risk world corruption doing so? If I can't do that what are my other options?

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I can't answer for tekkitmain, but I disabled DimDoors after launching the server with it enabled in tekkitlite. The most that happened was on first launch you'd get errors about the now non existing dimensional doors that have already generated or been placed in your world but after that things worked alright. If in doubt, make a complete backup of your server directory so you can always revert if you do mess something up.

I'll make a point for keeping Dim Doors yet possibly disabling it's worldgen of the doors. Manually placed Pocket dimensions are great for segmenting large complex builds into smaller easier to load pieces. When you start getting large builds for things like Applied Energistics, Atomic Science, Minecraft Force Field System, and automated farms it helps to spread them between dimensions. Also the linked doors created by using the rift signatures are a lower cost alternative to Mystcraft intra-linking Linking books to allow linking inside of a single dimension. Limbo is worth a visit at least once :D

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