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  1. I also ran into a similar problem using logistics pipes, AE, and Extra cells. I had a provider pipe connected to a ME interface. This made fluid appear as you described on the network and available for request. There was no way to change the invalid item back into fluid.
  2. Yes but I believe the suit's lighting effects are still disabled due to stability issues aren't they? so in effect they both do the same thing.
  3. Let's look closely a third time... If you make any content available on or through our Game, you must give us permission to use ... OK they can do what they want with it. ... and you must also let us permit other people to use ... And they can say others can do what they want with it too. Same difference. This is merely legalese saying if any litigation is attempted, they have final say in how it's used. It doesn't say that they will every time. So as an example if a mod dev where to say "You can't do this with my mod" he'd have a hard time actually stopping anything. It's the "let's all behave like adults here" clause.
  4. It IS possible to automate Minium stone creation and even usage with either Logi Pipes or AE. The trick I've figured out for using the minum stone in AE patterns is to always use an unused Minum stone to create patterns.
  5. Fluiducts also can't pump fluid out of a Liquid Manager from Steve's Carts 2 either (my LM storage array idea is useless now lol). Just remember gang that TE3 made some major changes and everyone else has to play catchup. And Galacticraft Oxygen Sealers not working isn't exactly something new LOL.
  6. That's because Yellorium and Uranium are in the same "Ore Dictionary" so they are supposed to be interchangeable. If you need the yellorium pulverize it first and smelt the dust instead.
  7. Diamonds can potentially spawn all the way down to Y:0. The only reason most say y:5 - y:12 is because bedrock starts randomly appearing at depths lower than y:5. But tekkit has flat bedrock at Y:0...
  8. I always heard it's never a good idea to build anything that close to the max level height. It used to be 128 in all worlds but the overworld was increased. That might be urban legend but hey it doesn't hurt.
  9. Wait... Looking closely at those pictures am I right in guessing that you either purposely or inadvertently removed the top layer of bedrock? So that the top of the quarry frame is on level with the top of the world? Try lowering the whole thing down at least 1 maybe more blocks. The nether and the end have a much lower maximum height (128) than the overworld (256).
  10. I don't know if they where fixed in Tekkit 1.2.x but in 1.1.x the phased pipes are buggy and sometimes do not work properly. Tesserects are more stable. The only thing I can see besides that might be maybe a piece of your pumping rig juts outside of the loaded area? A pipe or conduit?
  11. Hmm... well if that was the case in the real world we'd probably still be using steam power for everything. Just because it works for a, b and c doesn't mean it will be as useful for x, y and z. BC MJs have been reliable and useful for unimaginably countless things but it has it's problems. MJs are moving towards "work in potential" (kenetic energy, kenesis pipes) like the term "horse power" we use for any form of mechanical power generation. RF, IC2's power, and UE are all electrical power implementations. Yes it would be nice if we'd all agree on one but as long as someone creates a straight forward way to convert power. We might need an updated version of the power converters from Tekkit Lite.
  12. If you start using just TE3 from generation to utilization and everything in between the first thing that I see is that TE is EFFICIENT as hell. They seemed to have taken what BC's MJs where in Tekkit 1.1.x and improved on it in almost every way. As Valkon said MJ has changed and seems to be more a pneumatic style of power. Because TE3 chose to re-implement rather than utilize an existing power format they where able to make it very efficient from the start. Right now we're running into some interoperability issues but give all the mods in question a couple revisions and TE3 might dethrone BC as the core mod of the pack. The above is simply my opinion and should be treated as such. :D
  13. One could copy the files from the client into your server's mods and config directories, removing the outdated buildcraft and logi pipes. Then if you're on linux rename TradeBoothMod.cfg to tradeboothmod.cfg and you've got a 1.2.2 server.
  14. There isn't a way to secure ender chests/tanks. He probably plays alone or on with a small group that won't mess around with one another. Your request-on-demand system would be the safest unless someone watches your ender channel and snags em before you do. AE subnets are the kind of thing where if you're a nit picker and don't like the intermediary items/blocks being in your AE crafting window then you could separate that and only put the end result into your storage network. Completely optional and unnecessary but there you are lol. Edit: Correction, you can "lock" ender chests which does make the ender channel private and no one else can access it by placing an identical chest, BUT anyone who can access a physical ender chest that you've created and locked will still be able to access the contents.
  15. Is this a configuration issue that should be reported to Skuli?
  16. Kotja mentioned the only viable ways to do it with Tekkit alone. Ars Magica would be introducing outright magic to the technological / industrial theme of Tekkit. IMHO Tinkerer's Construct would be doing the same. If you're looking for something that's "in theme" with Tekkit, I've been poking around with this mod.
  17. This issue isn't an easy one to troubleshoot because most of the causes of this message are related to your networking configuration. Running a MC server on a dedicated box with a wired connection is going to work much better than if it's running wirelessly off your laptop for example. Some things to try: 1. Is your tekkit modified in any way? Do you already have a lot of things in your world? Try a fresh tekkit server install and see if they can connect to that. 2. Move your server to it's own box, or at least separate from your client. Put it on a wired connection. Give it more RAM. 3. Test the stability of your network. This is the troublesome part. You have two "zones" to think about, your local network and your public network (everything past your modem is public). Test both. I can't give you a detailed how to but the jist of it is test the reliability of the connections from where you're hosting your server to your router and then test your internet connection. A simple ping in a console aimed at your router should help with the local network. Pay attention to the response time, usually in miliseconds. On a wired connection your ping should be very low, less than 20 ms. Keep pinging and watch for severe fluctuations in the response time. This is most often found in a wireless network. You'll get patches of time where it takes longer to make the round trip than others and that's not good for a server. This is typically called "latency" to networking boffins. Once you're reasonably certain your local network is as well as can be expected, test your internet connection. Ping an external IP address like (One of Google's DNS servers) and watch the response times. This will be a longer round trip than locally but you're looking for less than 100ms and again no major fluctuations.
  18. Ah I ran into this too. Is one of the affected computers a Linux machine? I'd guess and say your server is. Skuli please make note. There is an issue with filename casing. The zip includes TradeBooth.cfg with the caps. The mod appears to look for tradebooth.cfg no caps. Linux is case sensitive and the mod, looking for lowercased tradebooth.cfg and not finding it, resets to default and then saves a new tradebooth.cfg. This has no effect on a Windows based server.
  19. Yes and no. If you run pipes all throughout then yes it will take a while for items to move around. But fortunately you can use (or at least could use in 1.1.x) Tesserects and Phazed transport pipes to span long distances.
  20. To correct myself only Galacticraft Aluminum can't be processed, only smelted. Galacticraft Tin and Copper are processable. Using TE machines to process you only get one type of dust or ingot in the end so it's largely unnecessary to disable the Galacticraft ores. Just funnel all your ore into a pulverizer or an induction smelter and that eliminates the issue.
  21. the export bus is to get what might already be in the ME network out and into the DSU. You don't need it to use a DSU with a storage bus.
  22. As far as I know it's always been that way. Galacticraft ores can't be pulverized only smelted yet if you turn them off I bet no ores would spawn on the moon.
  23. We can't control the circumstances in our lives, only our reactions to them. Yes there are people who are prejudice against younger players but if you don't go off the handle, you won't prove their predjudices accurate.
  24. Reading what Darth Kitty there said I see nothing at all that even comes close to a suggestion of an age range. If you jump to conclusions that someone's insulting you when in fact they're giving you what's called "Constructive Criticism" you'll alienate a lot of people through your life.
  25. Because adding all your mods at once to a modpack and hoping they will play nicely together would mean headache if there is a problem. Where do you look first? Sometimes it's obvious other times it's not. Trickle updating mods and letting us play with them for a while to work out kinks and bugs along the way makes it easier overall.
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