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  1. so the server is in the same network as you are? Is it running on the same machine, or do you host it on a dedicated machine? What are the IP-Adesses and subnetmasks of both (client and host) (if the server is a dedicated pc). Is the server running on the internet? (did you buy a dedicated server from a hoster?)
  2. As the 'Inventory' of your rocket is not more than a simple chest, I recommend taking a strongbox with you anyways, as this is portable and not stuck where your rocket lands... also, if the lander get's destroyed, you won't loose anything (happens easy when fireing the railgun at it) Also you'll not be stuck long with the t1 rocket, as I think you'll work your way to craft a t2 rocket
  3. I think the easy way is to change your name back to the old one... If you get back your stuff, you could put everything in a chest (maybe secure it using mffs and give you and your new nick admin/owner permissions in the area) change your name again and get your stuff out of the chest (if you really have a lot, then you might want to use a me-network
  4. if you're just looking for a cheap way to generate ender pearls, maybe you look into EE3 and the minimum stone, as far as i know you can exchange 4 iron ingots for one ender pearl. Later in game you can use mob spawners to generate them
  5. which exact version of Tekkit are you using? If it's not the latest one, your problem might be using java 1.8
  6. I think the question is, why do you want to store it, beneth the fact 'because I can'... I just generate new power using the reactor and waste the exceeding, no need to save it in my eyes...
  7. at the current state of AS in tekkit, I would also recommend generating Power through BigReactors... however, if you really want to go the AS way, the most reliable way I know is using steam funnels and directly connect them to Tesseracts (this will use a lot of tesseracts) configure them on the same channel and also put a tesseract below the turbine to receive the steam... the big pro for AS is that you basicly can generate power out of water, and that is infinite renewable...
  8. is this 'amplified map' a mod? If yes, you might be able to integrate it into tekkit, make sure you get the right version, tekkit runs on MC 1.6.4 atm. If you just have a map generated in MC and want to transfer it to tekkit, this might work, but you might miss the content of the mods that ships with tekkit (e.g. ores)...
  9. even if it also should work with combustion engines, I admit changing to TE Dynamos instead, they produce RF instead of MJ energy and that can be transferred with TE conduits. my setup was to connect power to the back, fill oil from the bottom/top and extract the fuel from bottom/top... worked just fine... PS: I used the BC Refinery, not the one from the Galacticraft mod (the one from BC is the red one with mostly glass) the speed of the refinery mostly depends on the amount of power you put in, if the 2 sticks on the front side are moving up and down, it generally works, but they
  10. you also can try generating a world with huge trees in mystcraft, that does also look very impressive, but be arware of falling creepers xD This world will be very dark, even if the sun never sets because of the leaves...
  11. you could also attach 2 taps to 2 sides of the energy cell and configure them to output energy, but you also have to attach 2 taps as input then, otherwise the cell will run dry...
  12. I'm no Pro, but an OutOfMemory exception is normally happening when you allocate too few Ram... JVM Flags: 4 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Xmx512M the second Xmx is probably causing your problem remove it entirely from your command line and replace the lower case m in your statement (-Xmx1024M) and next time take your issue to the tracker (also if I couldn't help you) Curunir will likely post you the link
  13. yep, there are energy cells in different tiers, capable of different capacity and output, the highest one would be the resonant cell capable of outputting/receiving 10k RF/t per side... you have to configure the sides for input/output/both...
  14. the fastest way to remove water I found is using MFFS and building a huge force field with the sponge module applied, this will instantly remove all water inside the field... while the sponge module only applies to lava and water, it may also be possible to remove other liquids by using the invert module, but I never tried this...
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