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  1. Do you have a local server? if you have, i whould recommend turning of your firewall and antivirus program. This is mainly a common error that is caused, by some Antivirus programs. If deleting the file as Ashzification suggested does not work then try this. Add the tekkitmain folder to the 'exceptions list' in your Antivirus program. Find out where the exceptions list is in your AntivirusV and add the folder path that the mod pack is located in to it. Hope it helps! Edit: Make sure you are not using that particular file at all, forexample have it open in windows explorer will make the file uneditable, So the game crashes, when it cant edit a file, which in this case are tekkitmainworldchickenchunksloginTimes.dat If you are not familiar with hosting a minecraft server or minecraft in general, you can find the tekkitmain folder by holding the windows key + R, type in %appdata% . Then go to .technic, then modpacks and then you see tekkitmain. Open tekkitmain and from there navigate to worldchickenchunksloginTimes.dat (this is for client not server) For server its much simpler, open where you have your server files, open worldchickenchunksloginTimes.dat and delete it, or if that dosent work, disable the antivirus. Alternatively, make a backup of your world (aka copy the world forlder) install tekkit server over again, replace the fresh generated world with your old world and it should work!
  2. Hello Tekkit community! This is Freddy705, which is about to start a thread about my super anoying FPS drop in tekkit. Sounds boring to read, put please bare with me and please if you know a good fix for this, please advice. I am going to explain the problem in general, with pictures and everything! haha Well Here we go This picture is to demonstrate my FPS ingame single player, when overdoing everything with a "big" power creator, consisting of Magmatic dynamo, and a few solar pannels. To top it of i put in additional harvesters (no planters) and sheep in the background to test out the fps when overspawning items in single player. (Note: This is to compare the fps on my server) Now this is a different story, almost no cables, no fluid pipes with lava, only a few harvesters, 4 solar panels and 25 sheep. This is the fps, when standing still and not loading chunks. This is the very spot the fps falls, and before the fps have fallen with the same pattern as here. Me and my GF building ourselves a base, a 52 player server, i rent with a ping of 30 and more than enough ram with a SSD. Also a very decent processor. Processor and RAM is NEVER going above 50-60% and also there is no warnings or errors in the console. [This is just to show what i said about going outside the door. Also just to top of i want to show the interiour of our actuall base, with a sorting system, and a request system, with about i think 5 magmatic dynamo 10 hardened enery cells, very few lava pipes (endertank). Some furnaces and other things, maybe a total 2-3 stacks of cables hidden to power everything. Watch the fps, steady, and very decent, for that many pipes and cables. Also behind our base is a big volcano, which dosent seem to affect lagg at all. Just like this it is EVERY time we start a new map, must be our 8th time (since the first version of tekkit for 1.6.4) Also, when i went in on the server now the fps around where the problem is actually was a little higher then normal, from 60-80 fps, earlier today about 3-4 hours ago, my gf had about 30-50 fps and i myself had 40-60 fps. We are running at Max fps, normal render distance, effects turned of (not using optifine, because that makes fps even worse). I have tried Balanced many times which seem to solve the big varying fps. Aka, when i go out to the door in the base, down a ladder i made, comes out of the tower with the ladder, fps falls from 100-120 to 40-60 fps. I have tried to turn of oil generation on all the mods that supports it, so i can only collect it in mystcraft worlds, and it havent worked, also this time 1.2.7b i turned all oil generation of, but of some odd reason it still does? even after saving the config and all that. So guys (and girls), do you know any fix? we have tried to start a new world, but after we have build our base, it always seems that it is all about time, before the lagg comes back. Some advice whould be greatly appriciated, maybe some server mods, to clean up stuff will help? Maybe there is a spawning issue with monsters which stacks up after hour after hour? Or maybe something else? Seems like when we sign out for a while, the lagg reduces dramaticly, but comes back after a certain time... kind of anoying really. Or maybe i am the dumbest player and server host alive? i dont know so please help me out Either way, have a superawesome day Reader! and please leave a comment! BYE! :-) (also sorry for any errors in this text, i am from norway, and isnt a very good writer hehe) Forgot system specs ehem; I myself have a very strong computer AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor Amd Radeon HD7970 SSD 120gb 16.0 GB RAM 64 bit Windows 7 I am unsure about hers, but i think it is 6 gb ram 120 ssd 64-bit Windows 7 i3 Prossesor 4 cores i think (not having much fps differences at all compared to me)
  3. Hello everybody! My name is Freddy705 and i want to ask you guys in the community for assistance. Me and my girlfriend have a Local server. The Local Server is a desktop, not the BEST but decen Specs: 8gb RAM HDD 1tb CPU: AMD A6-6400k APU Radeon 3.90 GHz Our problem is, mainly one thing: Ingame fps. Normally in minecraft old versions i myself norally have about 200-350 fps aka everything before 1.6.4 Current fps in base 60-135 fps Have in mind this base is not big at all, not many light sources. Also it seems like, the more time we spend at the base the laggier it gets. (fps). Eventually we have to logg out, save world and reboot server. Then it helps for a while 1-2 hours. then lagg is coming back. Same comes to Tekkit and other modpacks. We cant play because our fps is falling to 20-60 fps (1.6.4) Is this server side problem or client problem? We have indeed set our ram at the launcher to 2-3 gb and not 1gb also server is running 6gb + 6 gb aka java -Xmx6G -Xms6G Is it a tool i need to install on the server or something i have missunderstood. Also i know a server needs much resources, but we are two people playing at max, which os really odd that the server cant (if its the case) keep up. Anyone know someting?
  4. If you even bother goto MPS website and read on downloads, you whouldnt write what u just did, that is false information (about MPS). At the download page it says : 1.6.2 (works with 1.6.4) Also forgot to mention what he did aswell playera dont need .recipe only server
  5. I dont know if the vanilla.recipes from version 1.6.2-0.9.0-76.jar will work with the version 1.6.2-0.9.0-8X, i have not tested it, but you can test it yourself, just copy your servers mods etc, run a local server on a machine around the house, or the one you play minecraft at, just to test. Just put in the vanilla.recipes and try i guess. On "paper" it shouldnt work if you know what i mean, but what the hell, with some mods in minecraft, old conig files and other text files, it havent mattered before, so i think it whould work. test it and post update here! :)
  6. For future reference to all server hosters, and singleplayer players, when it comes to modular power suits: Yesterday me and my gf on my local server tested out modular power suits, and i found a way to fix it so it is actually useable at 100% All you have to do is remove the current MPS version u have, and install the one from their vebsite. http://machinemuse.net/download.php i asume you have to remove the whole mod, because the filename is "ModularPowersuits-1.6.2-0.9.0-76.jar" while the one that comes with tekkit launcher is ModularPowersuits-1.6.2-0.9.0-8X (8x means 80 something, 81-89 in other words) After this you HAVE TO install, vanilla.recipies found in the same download link. all vanilla recipes work with tekkit launcher, and you can still charge it with therminal expansion (the suit that is) i think there is something wrong with therminal expansion and Modular Powersuits not working together as well as they should, since the wireing cant be made. (note: When using therminalexpansion.recipes you still get the recipe in NEI, but when its put in the workbench, the actuall outcome item whould apear, or be made. In vanilla recipes that is oposite, in other words 100% working ) Hope this helps others with MPS
  7. Title: Modular Power suits bug on Latest version Version: 1_0_3 OS: windows 7 Java Version: Jre 7 Description of Problem: The problem is that therminal expansion recipes dosent work with modular powersuits atm, HOWEVER, replacing therminal expansion recipes with vanilla works very good! This is for 1.2.2 Error Messages: Error Log:
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Noticed that when i breeded animals manually, in two different worlds, the hearts around their head dosent apear, but breed still works, just not visually. Fluid Ducts, does have steam in them, IF you place a Steam Funnel, and connect the Fluiduct right away you get steam in the Fluiduct, but chould not figure out a way to "tap it out" of the pipes. Also have in mind, if you remove the Fluiduct, and place a new one, the steam will NOT apear in the fluiduct. Solution to get steam in the fluiduct again is to remove fluiduct and Steam Funnel it was connected to. Chould not find any Uranium im three differemt ravines, which is odd when it spawns from 0-60 Tessaract -> Logistics Pipes is Fixed Right-Clicking Atomic Sience machines crashes - Still crashes on the actuall machines, but not the one that warms up the water Ore spawns duplicated in overworld (Galacticraft/TE3) - Still is Tin and Copper ore for TE3 and Galacticraft found. Dont know if that is counted as a bug at all? considering, that machines and pipes in TE3 costs alot, when put together with the recipes with galacticraft. Take Spacestation as a example, requires alot to get building blocks, airduct door etc. 1 compressed tin pr 4th block of tin decoration block, ALSO recipe for Tin decoration block (the blank one) not found in NEI recipes but can still be crafted by putting Compressed tin in the middle bottom slot and stone in the middle at a craftingbench
  9. http://machinemuse.net/recipes.php Saw this now, lol, even som, NEI should probably be updated?
  10. Hello! New to this forum, but even so I have a local server, running Tekkit for 1.6.4. Choosing the 1.2.1 or 1.2.0 in the launcher (cant remember). Me and my GF joins the server, and we played for a while, but then i noticed something odd, when trying to make powersuits (which is in the tekkit package), that i am missing the blocks required to make the table. Those blocks that is required to make it is from IC2, so i am wondering if IC2 is supposed to be with the Tekkit package or if this is bugged? maybe i am doing something wrong, i really dont know. I also know that it isnt recommended to run 1.2.0 - latest, just wanted to ask the community if you guys know why we cant make power suits? Also NEI dosent show the recipe, but i googled it on technic wiki, tried those two combinations, didnt work at all. Any ideas? Please share!
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