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  1. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to add forge to the Vanilla modpack within the technic launcher? I know roughly how to add forge to Minecraft outside of the technic launcher but for the life of me, i cannot figure it out. I am wanting to add forge so i can have a few mods like Rei's Minimap and so on. But i have not figured it out from other forums, youtube videos and forge installation.
  2. I tried restarting it and such and that didn't work but i had my fiancee(thank you for the correction) teleport me to her and i think that made it work. I am almost positive that the last time i was online i was on the moon and i wanted to see if her teleporting me to her on the overworld had anything to do with it and i joined just fine. I don't know what is going on with the moon but everytime we go to the moon it kicks us out when we fly up. I do have a sky moon base up there that we are flying up too and everytime i was working on it, it was just fine. I am guessing something got corrupted
  3. I cannot join my own tekkit server for the life of me. I was playing just fine earlier and without thinking about it, i updated my Java when it prompted me to. I believe that's what my problem is but i don't know....Me and my fiance play together and in the Technic Launcher under launcher options and Java Settings, it says Default (1.8.0_151 64-bit) on both of ours. She is on and playing just fine just to give you an idea as to what is going on. From what i remember, my tekkit crashed or something and then everytime since then i have launched Tekkit Space and tried to connect to my server and
  4. That sucks, how do you find the launcher? I download the technic pack but there is NO launcher application to start it. I have a pc also and i know how to do it on there but i am a little rusty with mac.
  5. (DELETE OR MOVE IF NOT ALLOWED) I am currently trying to install technic launcher on my macbook pro. I have not played tekkit on it in a while but from what i remember, something went wrong with java and tekkit stopped working all together. I downloaded the mac os x launcher from the website and it downloaded the techniclauncher.jar file. i open it and there is a bunch of files but there is no launcher application and it seems like everything i look up or try gets me no where. I know i did not provide much information and i apologize. i can provide whatever is needed. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I have just started a tekkit space server(version 1.2.9g) with Minecraft version 1.6.4. I set up everything according to a YouTube video and all the port forwarding and things went smoothly after that i have been able to login to the server so all is well with that part. The point of this post is plugins...i have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to install them. It has been out of date tutorials, errors and so fourth....So can someone explain to me how to install plugins and get things going or link me to a video/tutorial? I plan to use world edit, gold shovel claim
  7. Hello, i am pretty new to making a server so if my question(s) sound uneducated or nooby, thats why. So...last night i started my server making process and i downloaded the server files for Tekkit Space, put them in a folder on my desktop called "Server" and i made a "Run.Bat" file and i clicked Run.bat and it did all of its loading in and i went to port forward. My router's port forwarding was somewhat confusing so i looked up a youtube video of it for my exact router and from what i can gather, it is done correctly. If someone wants to see the video and/or know how i did it to determine if i
  8. How do i make it so the encoded patterns i make in an ME Pattern Encoder get automatically transferred to the Molecular Assembler Chamber(MAC) ? The way my base is setup is, i have my ME drive, terminal, controller and monitors on one floor, then another floor for some machines then a huge area below that with my huge reactor and MAC and instead of having to go back and fourth putting the encoded patterns in, is there a way to use pipes or export buses or something? Someone said i could use an ME Fuzzy export bus but for the life of me, i could not figure out how to do it and i thought i had i
  9. Ok, so a few days ago i logged off and shut my computer down and the next day, i went to go get on a tekkit server and it said "Lost connection, End of stream" so i waited a few, tried again and the same thing happened. i tried restarting the launcher, removing the server, messing with versions, resetting the mod pack, resetting my internet(cause my internet kinda sucks) and nothing works. my friends got on no problem and i can get on any other server perfectly fine. Can someone help me?
  10. Ok, so i have tried to install world edit for vanilla minecraft single player to mess around with it but has never worked. Is there any possible way to install a world edit for single player and any kind of xray mod for multiplayer for tekkit space? I have a windows 8 computer, i beleive i have the latest version of tekkit space and with it loaded up, it says Minecraft 1.5.2(idk why so old), if that helps.
  11. Generally how i do it is, I walk around the nether looking for anything shiny. A really shiny ore is the platinum ore and a not as shiny ore is probably diamond. Or i just hope to get lucky and get shiny dust when pulverizing ferrous ore.
  12. I have a pretty good ME System with a lot of several items like cobblestone,dirt,wood and gravel and i don't want to use up most of my me drives on that stuff so i made some deep storage units but im not quite sure on how to set it up so i can assign cobble to one and any cobble i put in my me automatically goes to the deep storage unit. Do i have to use some kind of export and/or import bus? If that's not possible, can someone suggest another way? - Thanks
  13. Ok, i'll give that a try. Thanks man
  14. Im sorry if im posting this in the wrong area. Im new to this website. Ok so, yesterday i went to get on tekkit space and i started up the launcher and it like updated or something so i waited for it to get done and i went to hit launch and it said "0%extracting scala-library..jar" and after that it said "0%extracting openal" and some other stuff and it just stops and does nothing. I opened up the console and this is everything that was in it: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /Users/curt/Library/Application Support/technic/tekkitmain/bin/minecraft.jar at java.io.FileOutputStream.open(N
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