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Big DigXL, Super Magic modpacks and more


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In the scheme of things, I'm fairly new to playing with mods, but am learning a lot all the time. I have YouTube and Twitch.TV videos I make when I can.

Super Magic

This is a single-player and server-based set of 70 mods that are based off Arkenor Oakshadow's original Let's Play series.

The focus is on a heavy magic-based, survival world. There are tech-mods, but I limit myself somewhat to maintain a more "magic" aesthetic.

The world has Ars Magic and Thaumcraft as well as many other magical-based mods, lots of animal, fish and fishing mods and a bunch of other mods.

A key to this world is the heavily tweaked config files to deliver a uniquely balanced, "realistic" magic world.

I usually keep episodes short (~15 minutes) and try to focus on one or one-part of a mod in each episode, as well as my gradual growth and progression in becoming a master wizard.

You can watch the first 18 episodes on my old YouTube channel:

And the continuation of this series on my new YT channel:

Big DigXL

I took Big Dig 1.3.9 and added Biomes O' Plenty, ExtrabiomesXL, Bibliocraft and MrCrayfish's Furniture mod.

I have multiple single-player worlds and a server.

I mostly livestream from the server and my single-player worlds on my Twitch.TV channel, but I do upload highlights and previews to my YouTube channel as well.


I don't limit myself to only Minecraft videos, but Minecraft is my current obsession. :)

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment here or on the videos on what you like or don't like about them.

My style

I can be slow(I like to say "methodical"), a little obstinate and "different" when I play anything.

In Minecraft, I like learning, but I'm not very hardcore into going after efficiency and speed as many Minecraft livestreamers do.

I'm a cross between immersion, creative and survival.

I like to learn better ways of doing things... sometimes. I can also get obstinate and purposefully try to do something different from what currently seems popular in MC communities.

I may cover how a little known mod(or part of a mod) works, build a gigantically convoluted series of pipes -- because I'm having fun doing it at the time. I may spend more time some nights(videos) building a creative house rather than learning how a mod works or focusing on "progression" or speed.

I can just be -- different. I like to say "Travelling to the beat of your own drum is what's cool."

I don't like to be loud, goofy or vulgar. That may make me seem a bit boring at times, but that's the real me -- who I am. I do like to be "exciting", because it's always good to be at the top of your game, whether you're a DJ, working at a bookstore or whatever -- you do want to put your all into it, just not totally fake some kind of weird "personality".

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