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Tekkit Server - Adding Mods - HELP!!!


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Hey, I'm new to adding mods to servers and have no Idea what I'm doing :(

I've got my server and am trying to use galaticraft, but the mod which has Tin, Copper etc is working so I can't really do much, but use the ores found in vanilla.

Can someone please give me a really dumb'd down version on how to get around this and get mods working on my server for me and my friends.

Thank you.

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While you certainly might get some responses here, you might be better off posting this over in the Server Op Swap Shop. This is a forum just for the Tekkit modpack and it sounds like maybe you're trying to have a vanilla server plus Galacticraft only, which doesn't quite fit here.

On the other hand, if you're trying to run Tekkit, then selecting download/install the server from here and run the TechnicLauncher which you can find here. They make the process easier, in general.

I've not tried to install Galacticraft by itself, but you may need to make adjustments to the config file if you aren't getting the appropriate ores. Alternatively, there are some installation instructions here.

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