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[Recommended] Tekkit Lite Server With Gold Economy


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So yeah, basically we have started a server, with two admins, and we use gold as money, as we can't use a plug-in because of ClanForge. Anyways, the site to the server is here:http://democraticcraft.enjin.com/home Though there isn't much there yet. Also, the IP is here:

We will have a Teamspeak3 and be increasing slots for the Server soon!

The ONLY banned items, are nukes.

Some Features From Our Server:

We have a slowly growing city, from the average 9 players a night.

We will be increasing the slots once more people start playing

We will be increasing RAM once more people start playing

We have a working police force, who will protect you and your property

We have no banned items, other than nukes.

We have a Battle-Arena, where players can fight to the death for huge amounts of gold

We have a working Casino where you can spend your hard earned money to get other peoples money

You can buy your own plot of land in town and start selling things

You can get a job, whether you work as a car salesman, or write newspapers, or really do whatever you want.


We do Not have much of a spawn area yet, nor a place where all the laws(rules) are posted, so I will put them here: Don't Grief, steal, cheat, No PVP unless you are in an area specified for that, and basically just follow most laws we have IRL. Basically, don't be a jerk >.>


All in all, our server is very fun, and you should check it out. -Tallestmidget

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