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  1. hey hoodeny i recommend you add somemore addons for thaumcraft because on its own as a standalone its quite boring
  2. Ill be joining the server... and maybe ill bring along some friend's
  3. (sorry about the unformality of the text it seemed to be glitching or not responding) IGN 1Charak2 Age: 14 Random Fact About You?: an avid roleplayer (good at creating plot ideas from scratch or a simple concept) which i normally translate into minecraft and forge my own path Why You Want To Join: I wish to join because the server would be the perfect place due to its modlist to create and have a good time with other players on the server What other games do you enjoy?: Skyrim D.o.t.a 2 Minecraft/tekkit/ftb/ATlauncher Legend of Zelda (recently got the Remastered version of Majoras Mask) as well as a few MMORPGS What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have: Quite experienced with Magical mod's Such as Ars and thaumcraft (and a hint of blood magic) as well as fantasy related mods like Tinker's and Nevermine and Aether II Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: I really hope that this server grows because so far the modpack is interesting , so on a side note: i can't wait to join a server
  4. hmmm Rpg magic magic ... ars i saw ars magica Must resist the temptation But Screw it ill join soon XD
  5. was it weird that i had the thoughts of a mage running around in a flans plane raining death on the enderdragon... in other new's My username is 1Charak2 may i join please
  6. Ign:1Charak2 age Well 13 but im quite mature for my age Skills: well im more included to building and Building untill i have a town. and then using the mods in a modpack to improve upon the builds. General a builder but also i like to use redstone and get creative. Im looking for a Server Where i can build in Peace And general have a good time in a good atmosphere. i know theses mods quite well the only one i have never tried is witchery XD
  7. for everyone using this change the 25560 at the end of the ip to 25565 to gtet a connection to the server
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