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  1. Hello everyone! The purpose of this post is to find a group of people to play with, people who are interested in mods and such, play on a regular basis and who could play over something like skype or discord. I really like modpacks, I like making maps and stuff, (im semidecent at command blocks and whatnot, and pretty good at making modpacks. Also starting to learn java through John purcells tutorials). Minecraft is my main game, but I like other games like Rust and, well, No Mans Sky looks great. So ya, I was just hoping to find a group of people who are as into Minecraft as i am and like
  2. Are you looking for just Flans Mod with content packs or a large modpack that just also includes flans mod?
  3. Hello all, I am in the process of making a modpack. I noticed something strange with witchery Binding a cat familiar seems to grant the player fire immunity, instead of just the cat. I get the damage tick sounds, and the effect on my player, but my hearts do not go down for fire Same thing applies to poison. If I dismiss the familiar, same thing. I must actually reset my file in playerdata of the world to take fire and poison damage again. Anyone have a solution? This is game breaking as it removes one of vampire's two weaknesses. Any help would be appreciated ASAP. Thanks! daPose
  4. It appears weather2 somehow breaks witchery's wolf form. Typically, when a werewolf in witchery you shrink to one block in height. With weather2, everything simply goes pitch black. Unless you press t to see chat or e to see inventory. Ive isolated it to these two mods from my modpack, and I would like to keep weather2 very much, its such an awesome mod. Please help.
  5. I've been debating about adding a new reply to my own topic, to avoid looking like Im trying to bump. I just want to say that the server is officially back and running and even went on the trending page for a while, despite not being that new. I am currently working on a second pack which will have an official survival server and a few extra mods as a result. Anyways, server is back. I also added a trailer to the main post.
  6. No need to be so condescending, he simply made a typo.
  7. Try this, Open to LAN, with Cheats enabled, or do what planetguy said.
  8. Just so I know they want to join! (Also so I can give them the info for the pack, and maybe get contact information, as there is a skype group for the bugtesting.)
  9. My error, sorry. Did a stupid mistake. Ya, doesnt launch for me either, in forge that is. However, if i tried installing forge into the vanilla launcher, and put your mods in (oh, and you need to properly extract some of those from their zip files) It does launch, and then says it is missing hardlib. After installing hardlib v3.9, it said there were other missing mods, such as customoregen, outdated codechickencore, immibiscore. Then it said there were dual chocolate quests, since there was one, plus the one in the zip file in mods. So i kept the one that didnt say beta. I then updated ichun u
  10. Ill try to take a look at it! Stay tuned! EDIT: Allright, so right from the bat, i tried swapping out the modpack.jar, for a forge universal, but that didnt work, so Im assuming you had done that. I see you are using a coremods folder. Minecraft forge doesnt use coremods anymore. Everything goes into the mods folder. As for why it starts in vanillla, Im still looking. EDIT 2: I may have found a solution, Im testing it now. In the modpack edit page, on the Technic website, you might have set game version to the wrong integer. EDIT 3: Yep, that was probably it. I took your jar file, put the mo
  11. Definition of zombie: a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. The pack is often being updated. So, it isnt unresponsive. Nor is it lifeless. Apathetic, maybe. But definitely not the other two
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