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Upside-down Graphics?


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Ok, so today when I tried to play Tekkit, the Launcher updated, and so did my modpack (Tekkit Space). Tekkit Space has been graphically flipped, but the GUI (Buttons, etc) are in their normal spots. This is on a Mac, and the Cmd-F11 fixes it, but I don't want to have to play in fullscreen. Anyone now a patch? And yes, I have redownloaded the entire folder, as well as the modpack several times, and other versions behind 1.1.8 just don't work.

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Well, I've searched through many threads, and absolutely NONE of them work. So if anyone has any sugestions, please let me know. (PS, Dont tell me to"Update Java" or "Up/Downgrade LWJGL", cause I can't change the Java instalation, and I've spent a good 30 mins trudging through LWJGL versions and testing them out.)

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