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Mod Request Please Reply if you Think this is a Good Idea or Bad.


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I Think the Staff/Creators of this Fine Mod Hexxit Should add the Hats mod to there pack because it adds more Things to do most people would love to go around and Try to Collect all the hats that they can and then in Future updates they could add different hat addon's to keep the players collecting.

And you Could also Host a competition where the winner gets his/her own hat added to the mod.

http://ichun.us/mods/hats/ is the Site the mod is from.

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Bad idea. Collecting hats in a modpack designed for masskilling would result in a spam of hats.

Its up to every server admin to add custom mods to his server and I think it should stay this way.

Hexxit feels more like a serious modpack that is more about survival than others like TBD or Tekkit and I enjoy the more serious tone of it.

No hats, no sillyness, just Hexxit.

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