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IC2 Teleporters?

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How the hell do you work them? I charged up a few MFE's and connected them to a Teleporter I tried connecting it with 4ins HV Cable but I had no success. Which cable should I be using, or am I doing it all wrong all together?

That's not going to work. Each teleporter needs a dedicated MFSU (Make sure it doesn't output a redstone current or you'll waste EU on powering a teleporter you're not using). Furthermore, you need a Frequency Transmitter to sync teleporters together.

Once you have a teleporter next to an MFSU and they're linked together, just provide a redstone pulse (button) to the teleporter and you'll find yourself in the other spot. Also, I've heard some people have bugs if allow_flight isn't set to true in the server options but I don't remember for sure.


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