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MFR Auto-spawner range


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Hi guys. I'm testing my automatic iron farm on single player creative mode for my survival server and I've encountered an annoying problem.

First, my setup:

2 slime farms 7x7 - each has 1 Auto-Spawner set to spawn exact copy of the biggest slime, 4 Grinders

1 iron golem farm 7x7 - spawned from Auto-Spawner, fall into lava, iron goes to the the Item Collector

Everything is connected by Ender Tanks

When I'm near, Mob Essence supply is infinite because 1 spawned slime = 21 grinded, but when I'm leaving my farm and place Ender Tank I see how it depletes really fast. When I'm back there is no essence therefore no mobs are spawning.

Of course area is loaded by Dimensional Anchor.

My question is obvious: why isn't my farm working when I'm not near and will the problem exist on server too? Thanks in advance!

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Hostile mobs don't spawn when you're out of a 128 block range, thus the slimes can't spawn. After the iron golems spawn in and die, there's no more reserve essence. Although, I do have to say that your device is ingenious. My advice would be to have a portable tank or 2 full of essence in order to kick start the machine when you get back.

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Hey, thanks for response, help and approval! I must say only the killer machine is my idea, I took the slime-essence-copying machine from some video from YT and maybe tuned it a little. Anyways, now I know why it didn't always work and why my ender tesla farm in End didn't work, it's obviously way further than 128 blocks :P

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