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Mod Suggestion: Modpack Mod Linkage

Thunder Nova

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I know there are a few existing modpack linkage, but would like to see future linkage between all mods of their respective modpack. Giving them a name specific between the mods, like "Hexxit Mod Linkage", "Voltz Mod Linkage", "Tekkit Mod linkage", etc. Reason behind this will help into making a bigger variety of combination of what exist.

The base of this idea, is to add new things that only works to the specific modpacks.

Example: Hexxit's Immibis's Microblocks with the blocks of every mod, Combining the HarkenScythe's enchantment with Twilight Forests items to Tinkers' Construct, Adding and crafting Existing items that can work with Tinker's Construct Armor GUI such as the Salamander's Eye of Xeno's Reliquary and 3 Flamestrings from Natura to make a Necklace with similar effect as the Salamander's Eye, etc.

If more then 1 wants to participate in the same modpack project, you can join together by pm's and such. This is a cooperative project suggestion since everyone can pour their ideas into it.

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