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DNA Craft


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Hi guys, this is a suggestion for a fairly simple mod, I will outline the mechanics below. Mainly this idea is for the Tekkit pack, or any pack with advanced tech feel to it.


DNA Craft


Basic concept


DNA Craft would allow a player to experiment with their own DNA in a machine called a DNA Re-sequencer (if you've ever watched Stargate Atlantis then this idea stems from the episode called the Tao of Rodney with some adjustments for Minecraft).

Ok, so a player would craft the DNA-R machine, and will be able to manipulate a pattern within the GUI to create certain effects (think a player based enchantment system, not an item based one).

There are 5 pieces of DNA available to be changed for each player and 3 sections in each DNA piece. It might be represented by symbols but I will demonstrate with numbers only.

000 000 000 000 000

The first set is what the player would have access to straight away, meaning they have the option of 999 numbers with a lot of different combinations. An example DNA change might be:

Speed: 175 000 000 000 000

Night vision: 294 000 000 000 000

Toughness: 942 000 000 000 000

A player would not know these and could experiment, some effects might be good, some bad.

DNA patterns can be stored on a data storage crystal that can be slotted in to the DNA-R by the player (recipe involving quartz and redstone). Empty ones can be used to take a snapshot of their default DNA sequence and crystals from the DNA scanner can be placed in the slots.

When a player arrives at a positive or negative effect for the first tier it will last 1 Minecraft day (2 at tier 2, 3 at tier 3 etc), at that point the changes will become unstable and will slowly kill the player with a poison like effect. This is because the changes they have made to their DNA will become unstable and lead to death if not reversed.

A player can only restore their DNA once half the allotted time has elapsed. Example, tier 1 means a player would need to wait half a MC day before he can revert his/her changes. Tier 3 means a player would need to wait 1 and a half MC days in order to revert to their default DNA (the effect lasts 3 days).

The more times they use the DNA re-sequencer the more proficient they get at it and more stable these changes become and so the longer they last. The basic idea is that tier 1 = 1 MC day, tier 5 = 5 MC days.

The total amount of DNA changes that can be made at one time is 5 once that tier has been unlocked by many uses of the DNA-R machine. At which point the player can place stored data crystals with the effects they want in the machine and apply the changes.

DNA Scanner & Upgrades


What a player can also do is craft a DNA Scanner which is a hand held tool that can be upgraded with Refined Prism Crystals (Quartz, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli) to improve the speed and tier that can be scanned. Tier 1 scanner takes 10 seconds of constant scanning to produce a pattern on a storage crystal and will only produce tier 1 patterns. Players would need a tier 5 prism crystal to scan in 5 seconds and produce a tier 5 pattern.

The DNA scanner can be used on other players to create exact copies of someones looks (just appearance not name obviously) with no ill effect, but the main use for it is on the mobs in the world.



Scanning a Zombie for example could give you either a positive or a negative pattern, you won't know until you try it. One negative effect would be that you set on fire in daylight like Zombies do. A positive one would be that you have stronger melee push back with your attacks.

Scanning a spider and using the pattern you get might give you the ability to fire a web from your hand at a mob to slow it down, or the negative effect of spiders being more attracted to you (spawning more and seeing the player from a greater distance).

Scanning an Enderman (a difficult task for any length of time while looking at them) might result in you being able to right click teleport a short distance like the Endermen do. Or be randomly teleported without control while moving around the world (5% chance per tick maybe) which would be a bad idea in caves with big drops or nearby to lava.

Scanning a Skeleton might give you the ability to be friendly to and ride spiders in the night, giving you their higher jump ability and ability to climb walls. Or it might just cause you weak bones meaning you take 2x the damage from attacks.

Scanning a Squid might give you the ability to breathe underwater or be poisoned by their ink (you remain at 1 heart with a poisoned effect for the duration).

Scanning a Pig might allow you to remain fed for that period of time meaning no loss of hunger bar. Or the opposite, speed up your hunger so that the effect of eating food is lessened.

Scanning a Cow might allow you to shed leather from your skin giving you the occasional piece of leather. Or make you slower moving for the duration.


That's the basic idea, comments/suggestions/someone to make it is welcome as long as my name is credited somewhere. You would obviously be releasing the mod itself.

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