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Technic Adventures with TheAlucardRavana

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I'm a fairly new youtuber, I only started a month ago. I am currently working on multiple series's at the moment including my newest called Technic Adventures, which I'm currently uploading episode 3&4 (takes a while, my internets suck), plus working on many more for the series. I also have a Tekkit series as well with a bunch of my friends. That one is currently on epidsode 11, with many more to come. I also have another series that has already ended with 24 episodes called Minecraft Adventures, but its not technic, that was really fun (and frustrating) to film. P.S. I die...alot!! Other than Minecraft I am also currently working on a Bioshock and Borderlands playthrough.


My channel is www.youtube.com/user/TheAlucardravana

UPDATE 4/17/2012

Due to unforseen circumstances, well to be honest, my not so great/old computer has stopped functioning. I have a backlog of episodes from all my series but in order to keep new content on my channel (till June when i build my new comp) I will only be uploading new videos about every 3 days. I am sorry, but s**t happens and I got to roll with the punches. Once my new comp is built i will update again to let everyone know.

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Thanks, for the info. I did already know about it, somewhat, it only really list redpower in the dropdown (although it does contain all items in it only redpower has its own mod category) at the moment though. But one of my friends is in the process of contacting the creator to see if it would be possible to add the feature in the future and if not if he could modify it to add it himself.

P.S. I would like to thank you and everyone else who has watched my videos.

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