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Weird problem between me and a server - No one?


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Okay so I'm not sure how to explain this problem but a friend recently set up a Hexxit server which I and another friend then joined today in hopes of having a blast together all three of us. But something seems to be wrong because both of my friends are able to play on the server normally but I on the other hand can't.

It appears to be some join of.. lag. Yet not lag in the sense I can't move around or another because I can and I can smash blocks and stuff as well but there does however not appear anything I can pick up afterwards and that together with creatures and my friends' characters standing still and then moving around once every... 10 minute or something is just strange and we can't seem to find a solution for it. It's like the server is lagging but only on my screen? The others can see me moving around but I can't see them moving around :S

We're running the server through hamachi. I've disabled both my firewall and my anti-virus but that didn't have any change to the lagging.

I tried to install it on my laptop computer instead went into the server again but the same thing happened :-/

I'm running it with a i7 2.6GHz processor and 4 GB ram (not a lot I know). I've tried allocating the ram both to 1GB, 2GB and 3GB. No changes.

My position in the map will also sometimes "reset" like it haven't told the server where I've moved to.

I'd really appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Edit: Oh and I tried joining a random internet hexxit server where there were 26 people online and there was absolutely no problem on there :-/

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You can have all the ram in the world on your computer but unless the server has enough ram and the bandwidth you're going to lag lol.I suggest your friend check how much ram he has set aside to the server he made and to make sure he is running 64 bit java or else you will not be able to allocate more than 1gb to it.

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