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Best level to mine all ores?


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No one level actually _has_ all the ores. While I can't find them right now, there are charts floating around which indicate the density per level.

FWIW, Vanilla (iron/coal/gold/diamond) ores are best at 11.

Personally, I dig shallow if I need copper, deeper for tin, and deepest for silver.

Uranium and quartz are found everywhere IIRC.

Ferrus is a deep ore, as is tungsteng, but the latter is completly useless.

I forget how deep lead is, but it isn't the deepest of the ores.

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With quarry and miner you have no problem.Create stable mystraft world,put two max sized quarrys (64x64) and thats it. Best powered with magmatic engines because if you put pump in the nether lava lake that lava is infinite,for me its pumping like 3 months and nothing has changed,it will pump forever :D

If you are asking about STEVES CART then you can not get all ores in one level,but after some searching i have found that best level probably is level 11-12

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