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Hi, it's me again with more questions! Is there any Factorization expert? I've just discovered how magnificent Router is, but it seems to randomly detect sides to Extract/Insert stuff.

I'm not gonna flood you with tons of questions I have, just only one, I can live with rest of them :P I'm trying to make machinery depending on Routers:

- 1 router providing ores

- X of Electric furnaces rigged together

- 1 router receiving processed ingots/stuff

The worst thing I'm struggling with is the fact that 1st Router which injects items to a top slot of furnaces is also putting ores into the 2nd Router's top slot (and the only slot) Is there any way to make my 1st Router ignore 2nd one? It's killing me! Thanks in advance!

Also, Machine Filter for Industrial Furnace doesn't work, but Electric furnace, Macerator and Rortary Macerator detection works just fine. Is this mod just so imperfect?

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