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Big Dig with SEUS


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When trying to get SEUS(shader) to work -- the important thing is -- I think -- Minecraft version, Forge version and Optifine version.

If you're looking for tutorials -- the official SEUS MC forum thread is actually extremely informative and has most, if not all, the info you need.

Getting shaders to work is a tricky business so there's not much in the way of standaradized tutorials based of specific needs. It's basically "Getting shaders to work with Minecraft".

I got SEUS to work with my MC 1.5.2 game, but that's because I had the luxury of using the version of Forge that the version of Optifine that SEUS recommended for 1.5.2.

As Big Dig 1.3.9 already has a specific version of Forge -- if that's not compatible with SEUS (and I should mention -- compatible ALSO with the "shaders mod" that SEUS says you also need to install) then it likely won't work.

The more specific versions of things you keep sticking onto Minecraft, the more difficult it can be to fine compatibility.

It likely is impossible unless you could easily create a new Big Dig .jar with a compatible Forge version. I tried it with zero success as I don't know what else is changed in the Big Dig .jar and changing the Forge version also messes up compatibility with some of the versions of the coremods in Big Dig 1.3.9 just further making it difficult.

Maybe it's possible with less work -- but if you really, really want to try it -- my recommendation is building your own "Big Dig" from scratch, starting with all the compatible versions of Forge, Optifine, Shaders Mod and SEUS that you need first.

THEN, start slowly adding the mods that Big Dig uses -- asking how each mod's configs are used(or copying Big Dig's configs over) and testing after each and every little mod addition/change.

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