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I'm a stoopid "doody" head.


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Sketchy link in the wrong section. You're lucky I took the time to check your info instead of just spam cleaning it, which includes an IP ban and removal of all your posts.

Now since you feel the need to bring it up, let me enlighten you.

The link in question went to splur.gy, which wikipedia knows nothing of so it's small time. Google knows it and it's a marketing firm that claims it can make projects go viral. The only way a marketing firm can even try to make something go viral is either pay professional astroturfers to spam a link around, or trick gullible children to do it for them by offering something to those that do.

Also taking into account you're claimed to be 14 by your first post, it's pretty easy to deduce that link was part of a referral scheme you got suckered into with promises of a free copy if you got enough clicks.

Sorry to cut short your life lesson of big promises and never getting what they claimed, but crap like that isn't welcome here even if you stuck it in the videogames section.

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